August 12, 2022

20 Reasons Dominique Jackson Is Actually A Goddess On The Earth

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20 Reasons Dominique Jackson From “Pose” Is A Loving Queen Of The UniverseLiving authentically and inspiring us on the way.

As take-no-prisoners Elektra in Pose, Dominique Jackson might have us shaking in our boots…but in reality she’s a beam of light who likes to reminds us all of our beauty and worth.

She’s a boss on the show and in real life, too, but with a (much) softer side. We’re lucky to have her, which she proves with wise Dominique-isms that include:

Macall Polay / ©FX / Courtesy: Everett Collection


Delivering self-love and empowerment affirmations to grow by.


Advocating for trans people with simple truths everyone can understand.


Standing boldly and honestly, so that others are inspired to do the same.


Reminding us that we are each beautiful just as we are.


Celebrating the power of a “chosen family.”


Stepping into big-deal issues fearlessly, for the benefit of her community and beyond.


Believing in the healing power of Mother Nature.


Reminding us that taking time to celebrate is good for the soul.


Promoting trans visibility with joy and love on Pose and beyond.

Human Rights Campaign / Via

“This was a community that I was told that being a part of was going to be my death… And today I look at this community and each and every one of my cast members…what we have here is a truth, is an existence, a validation, an acknowledgment that we are not the abominations that people spoke of…we are not people you hide in a corner… We are joy; we are life; we are love; we are family.”


Delivering Elektra’s harshest truths like she’s talking about the weather.

FX / Via


When she was afraid Elektra’s bitchiness would make people hate her.


“I saw the power in her, but when we actually convened on set and I had to deliver those lines to beautiful Blanca and speak to my children that way—it was so far off from me. I felt like ‘Oh my gosh, the world is going to hate me and I’m always going to be the bad guy.'”


The way she can own a room like no. one. else.


Being a fan of the Saints.


Showing that even the most superhuman-seeming person is susceptible to burnout, and that self-care is necessary for being your best!


Championing the idea that we’re all big kids who can snuggle stuffies if we want to.


Going on House Hunters with her fiancé.

HGTV / Via

Celebrities, they’re just like us!


Not shying away from a serious subject like suicide prevention, and reminding us that we are each worthy of love and life.

You can give Dominique some internet kisses on TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter, and if you’ve been inspired by her (or Elektra!), let us know in the comments!

Michael Parmalee / ©FX / Courtesy Everett Collection

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