October 25, 2021

Doing Keto Right – Fats, Snacks, Maintenance – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

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Hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health andWellness with Violet Pat Chat edition I’m Violet and I’m Pat we attain these videos to help people to understand how to do keto in a really first of all efficient fun way but also to make sure that we don’t fall into the baits and mistakes so we can find on the internet so what are we talking about today Patrick I’ve-see I receive a bunch of article I understand comments from parties in our videos that-are assuming I guess that we need to add fat on the ketogenic lifestyle so I-think it would be interesting to have a chat about that this week I think you’re-still in my different last week I’m not stealing anything so do we need to add-fat from the ketogenic life-style ok ok so simple question it’s a simple question and I study the interesting thing is so let’s start with the examples right cuz I thoughts both of us when we started because retain when I-started doing this my most important goal get carbs out my focus was on get carbs out I was not aware of the compute flab story so this is violet now so when I started doing this I did not even computed a little extra fat to get me through that first week part of the reason that I suffered long okay soBilly you got you did cut out the carbs but did not like you stayed with the same nutrition no not the same nutrition because you cut out the carbs but like I mean you didn’t oust genuinely your energy root I didn’t supplant my vitalities ok so basically what happens I chipped my carbs out I munch a ordinary meal without carbs so if you consider that I’m I’m that person that if I chew chicken I wasn’t eating-the surface at the time if I gobble a piece of pork cut I wasn’t feeing the fat so I-was just eating commonly and guess what happened I’m starving right it’s art exactly so it’s like the interesting thing was like I knew I munch enough food that I shouldn’t have been hungry and you are well aware I was hungry so I had the-headache mmm I didn’t replace fairly salt and I had all so the like why am I still hungry or am I so hungry and so but at the same timeI was committed at this point that I’m not eating any carbs but you were tracking at the beginning of course you were tracking with what you’re attracting your calories right no I wasn’t moving those the carbs okay okay so basically you had a calorie calorie deficit instead of you of eating your 2000 so I’m gonna be a bit more clear because the only information I had that you take your carbs under 20 it was not clear the importance in the first week and is and I meditate I feel like okay so maybe it’s not said because most-people if you tell them they can do something they various kinds of exclusively hero you-could do this and they don’t so it wasn’t actually said that you should-replace anything I “re saying it” when I talk to be because I I did not like that-experience at all but so what I did was I took my carbs down look like I was-explained to do and I didn’t add any overweight so knowing how much menu I usually eatI ate enough vegetables and fleshes to accomplish that I shouldn’t have been-hungry and I was hungry well you were okay and so eventually but I had the-headache extremely right so let’s was apparent the headache inconvenienced me more than being hungry although the being hungry was like seriously not advisable I hope and I think that most people I have a lot of willpower because this was really bothering me at the time but like if I-didn’t have that hip status and it was all about losing value would not have continued I know myself she wouldn’t done it claim but because this was so important to me if you remember at the time was snowboarding season had just overstepped and we hadn’t been able to go I didn’t exited twice andI was in so much pain the day after snowboarding which you’dthink why did she continue to snowboard but you are well aware mmhmmit’s what I do right so it’s like I was in so much pain that it didn’t makesense and and that was just like snowboarding I’m not even talking aboutthe fact that I could not sit in my own I belief I’m a little bit addicted tocrossing my legs if you could be addicted to a physical beI could not sit in my bureau with cross legs like for more than an hour and I doso I receive buyers the working day so you think about it it’s like sometimes threepeople in a row cross like I couldn’t do it which now I do all the time threepeople in a row cross legs like it exactly is it healthful to do probably not butit’s just the acces that I be sitting so I know didn’t all of these things comeback to say that I should have been adding overweight at the beginning I didn’t andyou insure the backlashes of not ousting that intensity root which iswhy when I talk to my anyone who’s asking me about doing a kid doinglifestyle I tell them talk about what I did and I advocate them rather thantorture yourself like I did add a little bit of solid so and the overweight beginnings so before thesources like in the start would it be a good intuition to track you if you totrack your calories basically like even though even though like you’re not likeit’s not a good idea to generally move your calories especially at thebeginning if if you’re already tracking your nutrient and you’re you’re used to a2, 000 calories to made to ensure that you supplant with the right amount of fatbecause you probably don’t want to overdo it either so I’m saying okay thereason I’m saying no is that you know are you gonna replace how much okay sothat’s very good so the reason I’m gonna say now is that I actually do believethat when people track calories then that numeral becomes the multitude thatthey’re focusing on and actually even though I tell people to have a littleextra overweight the channel that I tell them to do it is when you devoured are you able to makeit to the next dinner it’s the only okay that’s the only marker that I feel isimportant so so day one whatever it is that you like so that first mealwhatever nonetheless much fat like so maybe that first meal you’re gonna breakfastprobably so you’re gonna concoct your eggs in some butter and then you construe likewhen did I feel hungry next and like if it made me a regular extent of time toget from to lunch I know I had enough overweight if Istart to feel hungry early I know I didn’t have enough fat and then at lunchI’m gonna be like have a little bit like and again it’s like adding a little bitof butter okay adding it like you know it doesn’t make much that’s a part ofthe reason to that I told me to people is like it’s not a highfat diet so notjust like to sum it up not spiking your insulin maybe on that meal you’re surethat if you formed it through your next meal you had enough because when youspike your insulin then it prompts your prompts so if you didn’t have like forsure if you if you start your daylight with a bowl cereal like two hours after you’rehungry right yeah so but if you start with like two or three eggs with a bitof butter or coconut lubricant or even eggs seeing yeah and you can make it to lunchlike they know you eggs in anything approximately in the morning eggs and baconeggs and sausage eggs and like we’re just exactly two eggs three eggs whateverlike you like eggs yes you think I feel like eggs and anything you’re probablygonna have your best understanding of how far can I make it before I actuallyshould feel hungry so like if I have that for breakfast probabilities are very goodI’m gonna be able to do three eight three topic to the three ish hoursbefore I start to feel hungry again and then that’s your marker for betweenlunch and dinner now right and so like when you between lunch and dinner am iable to do the same amount of era and if I if I’m not able then I kind of knowokay my lunch bro I didn’t have enough overweight there eventually lunch wellbreakfast sinks apart and then that’s kind of like you’re it’s that timebetween lunch and dinner that matters but like I said I make the mostimportant thing forward for me was I didn’t know that I should have added alittle bit of like again I was chewing regrettably I was eating low-spirited carb lowfat like that’s the truth about what I was doing at the very beginnings notrealizing that that’s what I was doing yeah and I merely realized it like wellafter the facts of the case but at that point it doesn’t matter so so I say that part ofthe story but I want to hear me before I said I want to hear your story like sowe you started gradually you took small amounts of carbon out of yourlike so you started with I anticipate the thing this is really things yeah thatwas my large-scale snacking actually snacking and these are the thing after dinner andfrom TV yes first interested that that that went like out of the lifestyle okayand so then when you were pleasant with that but comfortable like actuallythat that that was the hardest because like probably that was that like thosefood was giving me the most the most sure yeah I was opening and dopamine Iwas so those nutrient would give me the because I didn’t have really a dopaminehit with rice or noticing yeah but I had a nice piece of appointment square with icecream and so those were the first because I knew they were like the theworst for me but I also feel like the thing that people don’t recognize isthat it’s not I don’t I don’t believe it’s because you’re getting less of itopening it because as long as dopamine is being raised I’m getting thatsensation I feel like we think that’s interesting is you’re getting twodifferent things yeah you’re getting the dopamine hit you’re also getting thatcephalic cuddly mommy used to give me this when i was a kid when i was goodlike you’re getting that thing as well that feeling and so it’s bringingother things it’s bringing endorphin scurry producing it like so like it’s kindit’s it’s more than one thing happening there and i feel like that’s wherepeople get even more fixed on the like you said the fun sugary things versusthe normal like it’s easier to give up rice and it is to give up the cookiesthat’s for sure because like at the time I was still I was still thinking that Iwas eating peculiarly rice rice for ga because I talked like I thought likerice was good the past the past that was a bit harder because it was more like acuddly thing and an psychological thing but it wasn’t that super hard to get awayfrom and like I said in the past a wheeze like for me it was the food likeI did like a delightful like ful amply particle bread not like the usual white bread butlike andum so that was a bit harder and that waslike the last piece of the of the thing like my standard American diet to go youknow I also think it’s interesting is that when you talk about bread as Iremember when I switched from white bread to brown bread like years ago whenI was trying to be more healthy and so when you be changed to brown eat you gottaget this idea in your ability that you’re doing something good for yourself and soevery time like again each time I foresee I’m doing something good for myself I’mreally motivated to do it and so that motive all by itself then guides youto like actually feel like but this is good right like this I’m being healthyright and it various kinds of fuels bad behavior on some elevation right because it’s it’s sohard to then accept no I was doing something that was so these four manualsI think that that was part of it extremely is like there’s certain things that youlike I had to be convinced when I was reading all the research it’s not like Iread the first thing that said carbs cause inflammation and thought wellthat’s it like I had to be convinced I read and I predict like I said I learnedthat datum in February I started keto in April that’s a month of me andif anybody knows me when I start trying to understand something I’m Brosius inthe way that I are insatiable in accordance with the rules that I affect and it a problem rightit’s like every article of information I get I’m like thunder boom thunder right so amonth it wasn’t it was it was hard to believe and accept that I was hurtingmyself yeah I needed to sure but then formerly I was sure boom yeah like there wasno turning back now interesting enough like did I at the beginning did I do Iremember if I had if I needed to add some fatty or like every time a piece ofcarbs like I took out of my diet did I supplant it so I’m not so sure becauselike you you were do that like for a few months I recall I do at that point soI was like get I was watching you go and probably munching more I know for surelike avocados came as what I think if I’m looking back on it accurately andthis is me I’m trying to remember again are our remembrances right but I also feelthat by that station by the because by the time that you got to the point where youwere ready to be at 20 or less there’s very likely that I previously knew thewhole overweight yeah but when “youre gonna” above 20 so likeanything even up to 125 when you’re doing a little carb like you still haveenough carbs to fuel your period mmhmm it’s it’s you don’t need that much rightso I conceive considering that we’re eating it our body’s impelling what we don’t whatwe missing it like so you still have enoughI feel like probably I don’t remember you having any like excessive emptines noI do cache being Moody yeah but like I don’t remember any unwarranted starve noand and I suppose even like my street to intermittent fasting like the breakfastor quick-witted quick enough like to I wasn’t like not hungry the morning and justlike a chocolate with like three tablespoon a epoch between was like fine and so finelike as of today I do sometimes though like internally fairly last week I feellike my dinner were a little like smaller lighter so I can have a bigsalad I didn’t have like a big Caesar salad with a piece of flesh so it waslike if you vegetables and a piece of meat so I did feel more hungry like itat the at lunch though but that’s the thing I know I have a Caesar salad atlunch yeah I dine like lighter at sat at dinnertimeso so I was probably taking the same amount of menu but like split into intomeals with like I was more doing like a 16 8 basically a sporadic fastingscenario but like yeah yeah so supplementing fatty so if we like having fat so I Ithink supplementing fatty at the very beginning mmhmm to get you through that period ofadaptation mmhmm and have the vigor because your body’s not plucking from youyet as soon as your torso starts plucking from you as we both envisage the need forextra fat is like fully so one week one week year after one week you thinkmaybe you for me if for sure it was one week but I didn’t add freedom but don’tforget but it made me like it took actually me say it was a whole weekbecause I mull by period so era three and four were like oh and then but daytime fiveand six were better and by period seven so but it I think it actually started a bitbefore that like five and six were better and then spice day sevenfor sure I was like fine when you do after them because like you’re you gothues in a week to like a brand-new life and you like well that was when Ilearned that I so that was when I learned that I could so eventually aknife she wished she wasn’t right away but eventually I did have known that I couldhave devoured more solid and the hurry at which I was losing my hip publish was moreof my concern than the weight loss although I was losing the speeding at whichI was losing at the very beginning actually I recollect the first week waslike eight pounds which of course is some of that’s a lot of that is waterbut the second week was pretty high-pitched I think it was six or five and I was likedoing six or five six and five but I can’t remember I was hardly eatinganything so I belief when I did eventually learned that I could feed thefat and that it was healthy to eat the fat that was on on the plate on the meatwhatever I started to do that and I do feel at that point it became more aboutrecipes and more about so I went through a period this is the other interestingthing about like we’re talking about like do you need to add fat but I meanthere’s also do you need to eat extras or I don’t know how to say that but likeyou were eating before like like it’s like I recollect going through the phaseof meditating like I’m gonna have spaghetti but with with the zucchininoodles and like there’s a there’s a lot of replacing that we get into right likewhen we’re doing this kind of thing because so at the start I waslooking at the course I was being told to do the ketogenic life and likethere was a lot of all of humans past to make this if you miss pizza make that ifyou missed it so there was a lot of like oh this is the best keto bread and thisis so today a year and a half into the process the thing that I judge I figuredout that I hope sharing is going to help other people to figure out isKido Kido standard American diet the standard American diet Mediterraneandiet is Mediterranean diet paleo is paleo they’re different dietsnot to say that there isn’t some overlap like peculiarly between paleo andmosquito you are well aware between Mediterranean and Quito like there’s there’s someoverlap but then there’s so many differences that one thing that Ilearned and it made me a little while and I convey I’m not gonna say I didn’t Iplayed with constituting bread I played with drawing pizza with the the cauliflowerclaret and press we did that with cauliflower crust with pork rind crustwe have a caller crow I’m he’s starting to have a model with them almond flourcrust with yeah yeah so you know we did we did all those things and then what dowe figure out you kind of figure out that first of all substitutions are notthe same and and I don’t know if I will ever change this is violet now I don’tknow if I’ll ever modify if it doesn’t preference like what I remember it’s a funnystory at the beginning like it took me I don’t know I was like my thing withbread like I was trying to oblige the excellent keto cake only have it somethinglike because I be applicable to do before like banana bread and it was really good andmy girls like loved it I was like oh let me try to find something that it took melike six months like they foresee the cakes were going high on the side andin the middle and it was not like being fluffy and it was like a big dry thinglike so so like it took me and candidly it made me probably or even more thansix months like after I did it I did like some cupcakes that were good butonce I did I didn’t fix the recipe again it was just like a challenge likea challenge to me to get to the perfect thing but that’s exactly it I feel likethere’s a bit of that very right like as soon as you know that I could have itlike like when I received the keto eat like that one recipe that “were having” thatlike okay I know if I want to have a hamburger with a real bun that I canmake this bread and it tastes okay it doesn’t taste like bread bread but ittastes okay fairly that I could say okay that’s that’s fine boom yeah we uselettuce you know and it’s like isn’t it like strange how you cut it in yourbrain want to know that I can yeah and as soon as I is a well-known fact that I is available to itbecomes but is it is it genuinely what I want to do today likeof all the carb count on that thing versus feeing a loot wrap you knowyeah it’s I perceived that when we look at how we’re told to do keto online there’sthe nature medical doctors tell us to get it on and actually I feel very confident infollowing what medical doctors say so the doctors that are keto and they say thisis what you should be doing I feel but I have a lot of confidence and followingwhat they say to do versus when I’m looking at people who simply kind of saythat this is what I did this one because what I do notice is that when I startedand I was just trying to figure it out I liked what they were saying whybecause it was in line with what I wanted right I was like I missed thosethings and I wanted to figure out a path to have those things not necessarilyunderstanding the backlashes it might have I feel like as I got moreinformation and as I various kinds of understood better like what’s the backlash ofeven if it’s one day again I’m so much more sensitive and maybe it’s justbecause I’ve been living with this difficulty longer than I knew I was becauseremember in my 20 s my knees was previously hurting me rightearly twenties not even like in my late twenties my early twenties were alreadyhurting me so I feel like I’ve been living with this difficulty for so longthat I’m so sensitive to a high carb count so that if I dine that dough that Imake even though it’s like get good ingredients and it’s lower carb thenthen real bread it’s still high in the car that somehow it points up affecting mea little bit whereas the clam pasture doesn’t affect me and it’s kind of likedo I want to feel good tomorrow or do I want to have a real hamburger you feelmuch better eating a hamburger with others wrap then with even like a ketobread like don’t feel better don’t feel as menu you don’t feel gassy you don’tlike when you chew a clam package it tastes good and so it’s like a lettucewrap burger tastes good versus when you dine Latino bunBerger it smacks not right yeah being thwarted so like it’s like my memoryis so good at what is hypothesized that when I’m eating that it’s like it’s this is notright it’s interesting to me that if I determine so when I procreate the keto breadusually it’s because I’m eating something that I wouldn’t have normallyeaten with that so for example if I’m gonna have some sardines oh my oh mykela food because I wouldn’t normally have dined like I started eatingsardines more after turning Quito right I didn’t eat them before so I can eatthat on bread and on a keto bread and it doesn’t taste like anything I rememberokay so it’s fine so every I’m gonna eatsomething that I know I wouldn’t ordinarily have chewed on bread you thinkso it’s a brand new thing right there’s no there’s no violets memory of when shewas younger ate it and I feel like that’s really at leastfrom me that’s key so going back to the idea that when you try to replace thingsso how are you doing kiddo are you doing keto adding a lot of fatty because I’mbeing told by beings in the more internet macrocosm to add fat when reallythat’s not what reach tea to work you know and specially keto works becauseyou’re eating 20 grams of carbs or less not because you’re adding extra fatright are there reasons for beings to add fat sure if I have epilepsy orAlzheimer’s like any kind of neurological problem that I’m trying tosolve adding some MCT oil can really be helpful because because your your brainneeds the increase it needs the additional and so it will go there it will goeverywhere but it will benefit your intelligence but if I don’t have those kind ofsituations is there a conclude for me to eat extra fat no but you want to eatenough well what about okay so so let’s get back like to to the beginning you onthe first video of the first week of keto you had a little bit more fat howdo you get back to your ordinary place what do you how do you gauge or what doyou do like after the first week you’re in ketosis probably there’s a goodprobably say between the first weekend so when you make your nutrition and you justlike take down your fat a little bit so you can get your own fat peculiarly ifyour goal is to lose a little bit load and get health so you want to bringyour person to use your own fatty so mostly you are able to keep your carbs at20 or less keep the same protein and play with your the the amount of fat youingest okay so the thing that I would say there is in the beginning so thatfirst week when you’re adding a little fat you’re actually adding so like Imean I was really really a bit about being very realistic with yourself what you’redoing you’re making for example you’re making a steak and you’re adding alittle bit of instead of instead of barbecuing it you’re you’re frying it inthe wash so that you get to keep some of that overweight in the flesh right like you’reyou’re if you had for some reason the chicken heart you’re raining some oliveoil on it for example you’re adding fat to help yourself get from one dinner tothe next but once you get into the point where you’re eating a ketogeniclifestyle so I feel adopted and I can tell them adaptive so mostly ifyou’re not if you’re not pricking your paw or pee-pee on P deprives the direction youcould tell that you’re adapted is that I’m actually impelling it from one meal tothe next and I’m not hungry alright so when I start to be able to do thatregularly and I know the okay so I’m getting from yield to meal I’m goodso once you’re in that sentiment the thing that you’re gonna do to helpyourself to not have to add extra fat merely not add extra solid I’m eating thepiece of flesh same sum that I was gobbling before so for myself one fullchicken leg which is the thigh and the drumstick that’s what I was eatingbefore I started this nutrition that’s what I’m eating now the only difference isallowing myself to eat that skin right now I’ll be very honest with you I don’tlike chicken surface I don’t often eat the chicken scalp but I’ll eat all the fatthat’s around and inside the chicken skin I just like don’t like chickensagain but you are well aware I too do eat avocado which has a lot of fattened I do eat cheesethat has fun so I’m mostly without calculating my back because I reallynever paid any attention to the amount of fatty that I munch I chew to satiety andthat’s the other thing that’s really interesting aboutthat it’s so hard to overeat paunch like I don’t know if you ever tried to justlike munch fat it’s like it’s not it’s not easy it’s not a pleasant like oh yeah weneed some like it’s really not that although what you just said like a pieceof a piece of beef a fatty case of beef is highway more delicious and savory than alean patch of beef so you’re talking about what like overweight like it’s not easyto eat solid but you don’t like mostly eat coconut petroleum by the tablespoon exactexact the thing though I too see this as fact this is good like I’m justmaking a point that fat tastes good especially your meat so and I grew hereso but at the same time I still feel like it’s hard to over eat it ya like itlike if you and and this is something that I guess perhaps because I’ve actuallybeen in the position where I’ve done carnivore epoches like there is a limitlike you think if I’m just eating flesh there’s a limit where I’m just like okayyeah yeah I’ve had enough so it’s not like you’re just gonna sit there and eatsteak after steak afters didn’t cut it like you guys you’re gonna get to apoint where just like okay yeah I’m done I feel like if I countenance myself to do thatso I chew two satiation no matter what various kinds of fattens on the table that’s what’sgonna happen you know it is happening to me also with avocado where sometimes Iwon’t be able to finish it Yeah right like I’ll I’ll have had anice big-hearted part of pork would say and an avocado and you know some cheese and I’mjust like yeah you are well aware I can’t I can’t I’ve had enough like nothing else andit’s like you have to say maybe for me even the the rookies out there thesignals or I do feel like on keycode your satiety signals are different thenif you heat like a big plate of pasta or you can just like it’s clear that likeyou had enough I don’t know if I make sense but like yesterday I was it wasclear after that that section of pork I had with the salad I had enoughlike I couldn’t over like I couldn’t eat anything else after that meal like evenif he had had a dessert waiting like yeah yeah I know there was no way likein this thing like the signals your form sends you I thinkthe more I are clear than if you have carb like for for a banquet where you hadspace for dessert I feel like the second thing I’m gonna noted is that we’reso used to overeating mmm I think sometimes we don’t realize we’reovereating I think we’re we’re used to eating until we can’t frame any more inand it’s different when you’re talking when you’re allowing yourself to eatuntil I’m say colors it’s not the same idea like I don’t eat until I’m fullI eat until I’m no longer hungry which is not the same thing right and so andespecially when I was on when I was losing like my psyche was really aroundthat mind of like when I’m when I don’t feel hungry anymore I stop dining nowlike interestingly enough it’s like I don’t even have to think about it it’sjust like you know and well so I’ve various kinds of I guess as you the more you do thisyou kind of get a clearer idea of how much menu you ingested so you like my platesare also smaller like if you consider the size of Sal I know you probablynoticed this the size of salads I used to make for myself versus the size of soI can make it now are so different because I I don’t have room for all ofthat so like I’ve actually cut down on the amount that I’m eating but againthat’s another good thing like in the start I remember watching a lot ofdr.Berg videos and precisely that whole idea of wanting to feel satiated when I havea meal and so yeah my salads were gargantuan still fell within 20 grams rightbecause you can eat a lot of salad before you get to 20 grams of carbs likeyou I symbolize a good deal like a great deal like genuinely oh it was like I retain being likelike eating like super big salads and it was very satisfying to eat that muchsalad and and know that I wasn’t going over and then I look at it today andit’s like like yeah it’s like I don’t need to eat that we’re not giving you 7to 10 beakers per daytime I’m nowhere near doctor brick yeah I probably get 3 yeahmaybe we know from 3 on the days that I devour eat veggies on the days that Idon’t I get none you know so it’s again it’s a very differentway of looking at it so I’d are returning to the original question which is like youknow how much bad and how do we know how much to have fat to have or and I feellike it’s all of this is about certainly understanding Quito Yeah right becauseQuito is not about how much fat it’s about how much carbs and and then whenyou understand that then the all the replacement foods that you can make andeven even forbids like you know we didn’t touch on that but like even like barsand snacks and whatever and it’s like when you truly understand Kino it’s kindof like that mind the word snack even it’s kind of like Oh like what whatsnack like when do you have a snack mmhmm like it’s a it’s a different wayof envisioning because if I’m hungry my first project is what dinner am I gonna haveright like I don’t even “ve been thinking about” a snack any longer when you’re reallyinvested in doing kinetic lifestyle looks just like you do recognize that that message snackjust follows away because it’s a spike of insulin that’s superfluous in betweenmeals hmm right and then so what because it supersedes it if you are gonna havesmall interesting thing like nuts or whatever it’s that they become part ofthe meal at the end of the meal possibly maybe at the beginning of the penny whatyou are happy to do I had a friend in school she desired to eat her dessert firstyeah yeah I was a very interesting only bikers insulin yeah a big spike so shecan go through the respite or a morning when they’re talking about chewing somesomething sugared so that you can have more gap for meat okay cool okay I’msorry but what about KB perhaps the the third scenario when your own maintenancewas it like divergence that at the start and like because like youdon’t try to lose a moment there there’s gonna be a point where you’re solid likeyour fatty percentage is gonna be like super low-pitched or if you’re an athlete orlike do you need to add a little bit more how do you estimate it so this iswhere I come always do such yeah this is where I come back to eating a ketogeniclifestyle is low carb moderate protein moderate fatbecause the truth is yes there’s gonna come a item where you are going to bemoderate in the quantities of so you’re adding a little bit but again I say alittle bit because it is a little bit it doesn’t take much for you to have enoughenergy to keep your body load stable right and please please please do not doketo and then when you get to maintenance re add carbs that is thewrong thing to do I have a lot of parties asking me that question like when I getinto I supplement vehicle wax no you never add cars back carbs are dangerous right what youdo is you include a touch of fat and so again everybody’s different title like Ido believe that there’s gonna be some people who merely by eating the overweight thatcomes along with their meat are able to be to get to that good way and they justkind of continue hovering along kind of the best stall mmhm affected my anyway my numberjust keep going right but then there’s gonna be other peoplewho will need to add a bit of fat like that was my story I got to well Iactually overtaken my goal weight and there’s no losing and then I got to thenext stage down and I started to look at myself in the reflect and be like I don’tlike this like I’m too reduce and I had to like put on a few more pounds and then Istarted to meet for maintenance which was so I dine a little extra fat for alittle a few weeks so I got back up to the way I want it to be and then I cutit down again to try to figure out like worst and now I I have an amount that Iknow I can time if I devour this much fatty in my date so basically you can kind ofplay with with you play I playing with pure paunch yeah and like what I do is what Idid was I I never deepened the amount of meat right unless I’m doing a carnivoreday then I need a little more but like I never modified the amount of solid slashlike my protract on my flesh what I did is I included some solid to my coffee so thatwas my way of doing it that I can kind of know how it works much I’m adding right and itmade it easier for me but like everybody’s different like you’re gonnasee where do you experience coming your fatty from I don’t I actually enjoy havingthose kind of coffees you know the other thing that people ask me about is likeif I’m in maintenance come I can do fast like I do every weeka 24 hour fast 48:40 sorry 48 hours fast and I do onemeal a day like regularly when people were asking that question and I reallydo feel like it’s such matters of like understanding your body and so eventhough I regularly do one meals per day I do do different sums of intake solike what I will have some epoches where I know that I’m eating more power becauseI don’t I don’t do the calorie thing but like I’ll make a meal that I know isit’s more meat and it’s more I’m still under 20 grams of carbs was more veg andit’s more like I’ll have a much bigger meal and then I’ll have then I’m used toright and then I’ll go back to having my regular extent of menu and then I’ll havedays where I don’t eat mmm right so my mas never fairly knows like what’scoming because that’s part of helping yourself to be able to be stable rightif your form can get used to what you’re doing it adjusts itself and I don’t wantmy figure to adjust itself because then like you end up in that situation wherelike the slightest change in the amount of what you eat can cause you to eithergain or lose weight so I’m kind of throwing my body breaking ball all thetime by having these like big snacks every occasionally and fasting well myfasting is quite regular it’s like it’s every every seven days but but then I dodo longer fast every few months again throw a curve ball at my body right andalso with the atopic you need apoptosis and all that other stuff so I feel likethat’s the other piece of the riddle is that when we look online and we view allthis information and we’re trying to like weed through like what’s healthy todo what’s dangerous to do like what will help us to achieve our goals it’s aboutreally understanding what is it that continues you in a ketogenic mood and youwould think that overeating one day would have taken me out because of allthe protein that I’m having because I’m not increasing the carb over 20 but I’mhaving more protein and apparently with the protein more fat but the thing thatwe’ve learned is that when your figure is in a ketogenic stateand then you have extra protein it doesn’t actually make you out of ketosisyou have to remember way back way back way back when before we had all thesecarbee things to eat what were we snacking flesh and meat and flesh and meat right soand we were in ketosis okay so so it’s interesting because that was my nextquestion but if you’re an athlete say you’re an athlete you go to the gym likeevery day you’re in ketosis you have a low-toned percentage of fatty you need a bitmore energy then can you add more protein like to that or you still needto play with energy source so it’s not gonna give you it’s not gonna make youout of ketosis but it’s not giving you okay the vitality you are able to contribute more fatintake so okay and then but the thing is that if you’re an SRE apparently ifyou’re an athlete and you’re in the gym it’s better for you to allow your bodyto grow naturally than trying to force it by thrust more power late I feellike the thing that happens is that we’re trying to rush things and ahealthy organization is not something you can rush mentalhealth is not something you can rush a health mas is not something you canrush and financial stability things that you can’t rush right it’s like beingconscious of what you’re doing and meaning it out and doing the rightthings help us to be good in those areas right so if you want to have a healthierstronger body fuel it well EPM a good extent of protein so the amount ofprotein that’s gonna help you to build mmhmm quality protein alright one lastquestion then you’re at the beginning of your jaunt you want to have an ideahow much should I dine like are those keto calculator because we know we don’twant to take into consideration calories but are still those keto calculatorsgood so to ask these four as a starting point well I I did use a keto calculatorat the very beginning so like I said I did a lot of the things that we’re outthere and I did use a keto calculator at the beginning so I knew how muchwell carbs is obvious 20 grams less mmhmmI knew how much protein I was supposed to be aiming at and I knew how much fatI was supposed to be aiming at and one of any issues that I did notice is thatby ingesting to satiety I wasn’t always so first of all myprotein amount never deepened because that’s what I was chewing before and it’swhat I was pleasant eating and and it was close enough in the calculator tothe freedom so I never actually vexed was endeavouring to up that number at the fatnumber I never even give attention to it like Ithe number was there and like I applied it in in chronometer because that’s the notsponsored that’s just the programme that I use I employed it in and never was I evernear it like ever like except in cases of like the few terms I went over it right butlike usually I was like well under it so the thing that I would say is like doyou need to focus on those numerals and I come back to know remaining your 20 gramsof carbs or less that’s the important number trying to collision those other numbersI think is a mistake theoretically you should be under those multitudes if you’relosing so they just putting this in perspective if you’re trying to lose youshould be under those lists the only time I review those lists come backinto plays when you’re upkeep in upkeep then trying to be near youryour crowd becomes important claim because you want to be in the statewhere you’re staying stable so during your loss I certainly honestly I can saylike I remember at some item when we were at my commemoration and I wanted totalk about that I actually had to go back to even checkers I had no idea howmany times was I ever even near the number of fact because I never paid anyattention to it I drawn attention to my micronutrients in that program I paidattention to my carb counting I never looked at calorie count I never andactually was very surprising me to find out how often my calorie count was highbecause I wasn’t paying your attentions discontinue mmhmm so it’s truebecause if you have like if you just wanted to do the cheese crisps to dip in youravocados like the calories can can go I intend I often yeah so like even exactly theAnaconda by yourself I often eat a entire avocado like I shouldn’t say position Imiss almost daily but is big so it’s it’s these things right like and so youknow I get positive most negative right like so I’m not going I’m not tellingpeople to eat a whole lot if “youre starting” a expedition and like know those apps are notnecessary like what you need to keep in mind is don’t time low-pitched carb low fat yeahthat’s the thing yes avoid low-pitched vehicle low fat than here and youshould be fine keeping your carbs low-spirited protein the same as you were eatingbefore you don’t like it’s not because you’re going to know that you’re gonnaeat like chewy chicken legs so if you if you had one before like like simply keepwith what you were pleasant unless you were eating low protein before youwant to eat your right amount for your torso yeah so you want to make sureyou’re eating the adequate amount to build your body and and the thing I liketo tell people is like remind people is that you are well aware every seven years rightyou’re gonna have a new fresh me right and like so what I eat today is buildingthe body that I’m having in the next seven years so eat well I represent make sureyou have enough protein to build this and and yeah when you’re gonna be amaintenance your solid is gonna be either where it is for like it’s gonna staykind of there or you might have to add a teeny fragment right like if you’re some people are lucky and when they get to maintenance amounts like they have already the body already started to slow down and they’re not losing anymore andso it’s good and they just can maintain cruising along at that tier of fatty but-then there’s parties like myself that like I was still going down and I was really just not fortunate with the the examination I like you know no I don’t I would like-to look healthful so then I decided to up it and you know like I feel like you never know what’s gonna happen as you go for it yeah all right so my liquids he stick with the good flabs like ever you are well aware 30 kilo or five people orMcDonald paunches are not good yeah this was actually a kind of cool conversation about overweight and and other things we kind of stroked on other topics if you’ve made it this far into the video I know you’re all in the sweater thank you very much but if you haven’t you’re not alone in this warrior please consider subscribing I construct these videos every week we have a 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