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Air Fryer Turkey Bacon

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This Air Fryer Turkey Bacon could not be easier to make! Perfectly crisp and crunchy bacon every time! Easy clean-up, too!

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Why you will LOVE Cooking Turkey Bacon in Air FryerIngredients NeededHow to make Air Fryer Turkey BaconTop Tips for making Turkey Bacon Air FryerHow to clean Grease from an Air FryerServing SuggestionsBacon FAQmore air fryer recipesAir Fryer Turkey BaconFor This Recipe, I recommend:

Why you will LOVE Cooking Turkey Bacon in Air Fryer

If you’re on team BACON, raise your hand!! I love bacon all ways and in all dishes, because that salty, crispy goodness just can’t be beat- whether I am enjoying a bacon wrapped sweet and sticky chicken breast or some bacon wrapped pineapple bites, I am one happy girl. You know what I DON’T love, though? Frying up bacon in a pan and getting burnt by flying oil drops! If you agree with me, you are going to be such a fan of today’s recipe because it lets the air fryer do all the cooking! This bacon is just as salty and crispy, better-for-you thanks to turkeys, and easy and mess-free to make happen!

Ingredients Needed

Recipes like this crispy turkey bacon air fryer one are the easiest, because it literally only calls for ONE ingredient. That’s right- all you will need to make this recipe a reality is a package of turkey bacon!

How to make Air Fryer Turkey Bacon


Turn on your oven and let it preheat while you assemble the bacon slices. 


Place some of the bacon slices into the air fryer. Try to leave enough spaces for each slice, but it’s ok if they overlap slightly. 


Cook until the strips of bacon reach desired crispiness. Check after a few minutes to adjust the bacon strips if they have moved a lot.


Repeat this process with the remaining bacon strips, then serve and enjoy!

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Top Tips for making Turkey Bacon Air Fryer

Cook in one layer: Don’t be tempted to cook all the bacon at once. Each strip needs enough space to crisp up and cook evenly. Use paper towel: Place the bacon strips onto paper towel after air frying them to soak up excess grease. Keep an eye on it: Check the bacon a few minutes into the cook time because the air fryer can often move the bacon strips around.

How to clean Grease from an Air Fryer

After cooking greasy foods like bacon, it’s important to clean out the air fryer well. First, remove the baskets and pans from your air fryer and soak them in hot, soapy water for a little while. Next, scrub them well with a non-abrasive sponge and rinse with cold water.

Serving Suggestions

This crispy, hot air fryer bacon is tasty all on its own, however I think that bacon is best when served with eggs! I recommend some cod scrambled eggs or, if you’re cooking for a crowd, consider checking out how to cook eggs in the oven for perfectly cooked eggs!

cooked Air Fryer Turkey Bacon on an air fryer tray

Bacon FAQ

Is Turkey Bacon Actually Better for you?One thing that differentiates turkey bacon from pork bacon is that it has slightly fewer calories, making it a bit better for you.

What is Turkey Bacon made of?Turkey bacon is made using a combination of light and dark turkey meat as well as skin, spices and preservatives.

Can you stack Turkey Bacon in the Air Fryer?You can overlap the strips slightly, but don’t stack them on top of each other. That will result in unevenly cooked strips of bacon.

How long should I cook bacon in the Air Fryer?This depends on how you like your bacon! I recommend cooking it for 5 minutes, then checking in, and cooking in intervals of 2 minutes after that until it reaches your desired doneness.

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ir Fryer Turkey Bacon

This Air Fryer Turkey Bacon could not be easier to make! Perfectly crisp and crunchy bacon every time! Easy clean-up, too!Course BreakfastCuisine AmericanCook Time 10minutesServings 12slicesCalories 25kcalAuthor Taylor Kiser


1Package Turkey bacon(1 kb)


Pre heat your air fryer to 370 degrees for 4 minutes
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Place 1/3 of the package of bacon strips in your air fryer (about 7-8 strip – its okay if some overlap a little but try to leave some space between)
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Cook at 370 degrees for 5 minutes. Check the bacon and move any strips around that have moved a lot.
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Cook an additional 2-4 minutes, or until desired crispiness is achieved. I like it with another 3 minutes
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Calories: 25kcalProtein: 2gFat: 2gSaturated Fat: 0.5gCholesterol: 10mgSodium: 135mg

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