July 5, 2022

Cinema release: movies not to be missed this winter

The cinema releases of this end of the year are exciting. Between dramas, romantic comedies and movies for kids, it’s hard to make a choice. A small presentation of these new nuggets is needed without delay.
The films of November The mountain between us – released on November 8 Surely one of the most beautiful surprises of this end of the year. Ben (Idris Elba) and Alex (Kate Winslet) meet in an airport, stuck in a storm, and both decide to find a way to get where he wants. Unfortunately victims of a plane crash, they will have to get to know each other and to trust each other, alone in a hostile environment. Small anecdote: the film is in fact an adaptation of Hany Abu-Assad of Charles Matin’s eponymous novel.

Justice League – released on November 15 Fans of the DC Comics universe must be impatient. In Justice League, Batman, played by Ben Affleck, decides to resume his fight against crime alongside the sublime Wonderwoman (interpreted by Gal Gadot). They both decide to help themselves by recruiting other individuals with incredible abilities, including Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg. A perfect movie for action fans, signed Zack Snyder.

M – released on November 15 For her first film as a director, Sara Forestier does not choose ease. In the latter, she plays Lila, a shy and stuttering girl who falls under the spell of Mo, a charismatic and bloody young man, played by Redouanne Harjane. Between these two beings that everything opposes, it’s love at first sight. A love story full of pitfalls.

Maryline – released on November 15 Signed Guillaume Gallienne, Maryline traces the course of a young woman (Adeline d’Hermy), from a small village, and at age 20, decides to go to Paris to pursue a career as an actress. For this sweet and discreet young woman, the shock of Parisian life is hard, just like the job. The latter, however, has some good surprises …

The brio – released on November 22 See Daniel Auteuil on screen is like enjoying a hot chocolate: it’s our little pleasure. And yet, in Le Brio, his character is not very kind. The darling actor of the French incarnates Pierre Mazard, law professor prone to provocation. To redeem herself with Neïla Salah (the luminous Camélia Jordana), whose dream is to become a lawyer, he agrees to prepare her for the formidable competition of eloquence. A risky gamble especially as it requires the cooperation of these two beings full of prejudices. A film signed Yvan Attal.

The movies of the month of December The babysitters – out December 6th The action takes place in 1915, in a French farm. The men who went to the front were the women who took over and worked tirelessly to get by. Nathalie Baye interprets Hortense, the oldest of these women, a woman of character who took under her wing, Francine, a young girl from public assistance. A film that highlights the determination of these women during the war and allows us to admire again the duo formed by Nathalie Baye and Laura Smet on the screen.

Santa & Cie – released December 6 Alain Chabat signs his big come back in the comedies with the film Santa & cie. A film in which he plays a Santa Claus on the verge of a nervous breakdown. And for good reason: the elves responsible for preparing the gifts all fell ill at the same time. In order to save them, he goes to Earth to discover a way to heal his little companions. He will then live all sorts of adventures, the latter having only one goal: to save Christmas and to allow Santa to distribute her gifts.

Paddington 2 – released December 6 The most famous bear of the United Kingdom arrives again on our screens at the end of the year. For the second time, Paddington takes us on a series of adventures. In search of a present to celebrate Aunt Lucy’s 100th birthday, he comes across a beautiful book that he wants to give him. Unfortunately, the book is stolen. Paddington decides to do everything to get his hands on the thief. A comedy for young and old featuring Hugh Bonneville, Guillaume Gallienne or Hugh Grant.

Star Wars: the last jedi – released December 13 This is the movie event of this end of the year. In this new opus, we find the heroes of the previous film – The awakening of the force – in an adventure full of twists and turns, which will eventually teach us more about La Force. A new episode, produced by Disney and directed by Rian Johnson.

The promise of dawn – released December 20 Romain Gary lived a hectic life rich in experiences. From his childhood in Poland, to his teenage years under the Nice sun, the writer lived a thousand and one life. One thing that became possible thanks to her mother, Mina, who loved her son with unlimited love, sometimes excessive. Charlotte Gainsbourg is a wonderful mother who has only one wish: that her son (played by Pierre Niney) becomes a famous day.

The movies of january Call me by your name – released on January 17, 2018 In the 1980s, in Italy, a 24-year-old academic (played by Armie Hammer) fell in love with Elio (Timothée Chalamet, revelation of the year), a 17-year-old teenager. A passionate story on a background of summer atmosphere directed by Luca Guadagnino.

The passenger – released on January 24, 2018 We know, Liam Neeson is a regular in action movies. In The Passenger, he plays the role of Michael MacCauley, a common citizen who finds himself caught in an endless gear. Accustomed to taking the commuter train every night after work, he is forced to identify a mysterious passenger in the latter. A real race against the clock, not without danger for him, as for other passengers. A film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra.

The Greatest Showman – Released January 24, 2018 The Greatest Showman recounts the journey of PT Barnum, a man from nothing that became famous thanks to his shows. A visionary played by the Australian Hugh Jackman and whose sublime wife is encamped by Michelle Williams. A production that promises to be high in color, with an incredible cast and increasingly impressive performances.