January 21, 2022

Want to … Have a dream body: I ​​move according to my desires

Have a dream body: find the sport that suits you A classic late-summer scenario: refusing to see the beautiful muscles forged during the holidays evaporate, most of us decide to maintain them through physical activity. The opportunity to discover the sports that everyone is talking about and that promise wonders. Remember, there was the Swedish gymnastics , the ground bar, the aquabiking, and this new yoga, freshly imported from Hollywood, whose name has since been forgotten … But this excess of motivation can also occur. reveal counterproductive. Not everything is suitable for everyone and muscular needs vary from one morphology to another.
Have a dream body: focus your efforts First necessary step, make a small personal assessment against the mirror, reviewing the areas to highlight : a more muscular back, a thinner waist, bulging buttocks, tapered legs … Then concentrate your efforts on this goal. The challenge ? Quickly have results that encourage and sustain the sporting process. Much more productive than exhausting yourself in an inappropriate sport abandoned before All Saints’ Day. But how to make the right choice when you do not have a personal coach on hand?
Have a dream body: to muscle without excess ” The secret is to find the right amount of muscle building,” says Valérie Orsoni, nutrition and well-being coach and creator of the BootCamp * method. The greater the amplitude, the more the muscle fiber is toned by elongating, thus favoring loose limbs. On the contrary, the smaller and more repetitive it is, the more the muscle becomes denser and gains volume. »So avoid weight training with machines and weights, as well as tennis, breaststroke (swim rather backstroke with fins), step classes or cycling that make athletic thighs and hug the silhouette.
Abdominal side, stop the conventional wisdom: these muscles are among the simplest to strengthen and do not require intensive sessions. ” Ten minutes a day is enough,” insists Valérie Orsoni. Very often, in the lessons of abs, one chains crunches during one hour and one pushes too much on the stomach, to the dismay of the gynecologists who cry to the massacre. »Better to alternate small series of abs (scissors, pedaling, beats) and short (loops, contractions of the belly) to tone gently and win a nice size well drawn , without the chocolate bar side of a marathon runner .
* www.lebootcamp.com/minceur
Have a dream body: move while having fun THE great fitness trend was confirmed at the last edition of the Fibo (International Fair for Fitness, Leisure and Sport) in Germany. No more rigorous gym classes with a boosted coach and competitive spirit … Women want to build muscles, burn calories, but especially have fun without pressure! Hence the success of the “fitness dance”, with the irresistible Zumba® in mind, these choreographed sessions where you work all the areas of the body by venting on Latino rhythms … Or how to stay sexy while spending 800 calories an hour! An unstoppable recipe that emulates: Les Mills has developed an avatar, the Sh’BamTM, or forty-five minutes of dance exercises, all on punchy tinted Latin groove. Even more trendy, the club Klay * in Paris also offers its gym-dance which displays complete every Tuesday evening. Dubbed Dance or Die, this ultra cardio class combines muscular reinforcement, endurance and crazy choreography on a sharp set mixing electro, hip-hop, dancehall, funk … We come out with a smile and a tenfold energy. Even more surprising and unpublished in France, the German Vitality Nights®: classes are given from a stage, with a group of musicians playing live and light shows worthy of a rock concert.
Info on http://klay.fr .
Have a dream body: strengthen your “core” This word of Latin origin means the center, the heart. ” In English, it refers to the entire area of ​​the abdominal belt that extends from the top of the pubis to below the ribs, and includes the abs, dorsal, lumbar and perineum, ” says coach Valerie Orsoni. Core training courses target these “core” muscles. ” The first benefit is better posture, more support and balance. The silhouette is slenderer, the belly becomes flat, and the benefits extend to the cardiovascular system. They also have the advantage of working the back muscles, too often neglected. ”
In concrete terms, how is it? There are no hard-to-coordinate movements that go off in every direction. The exercises are simple and are linked slowly using ball, elastic and various accessories. We are more attentive to his body and the feeling of each movement. Beyond these specific courses (such as the CXWorxTM or Les Mills CX30TM), other disciplines, such as Pilates, are also working on the same principle of center balance.
Have a dream body: circulate energy Having a relaxed and harmonious silhouette is not just a story of nutrition and physical activity. The energy trail is now recognized as a true wellness boost, which improves overall circulation between the upper and lower body and helps the organs to function better. This late summer is the perfect time to treat yourself to an acupuncture session, a shiatsu, or a visit to the osteopath. ” Our patients come mainly for manipulations that release a pain, sorry Frédéric Zenouda, osteopath in Paris. But our job goes beyond simple bone and muscle structure: we can also mobilize organs to help them function optimally. His statement? We spend so much time in a sitting position, literally folded in half, that our abdominal area is closed, blocked. The diaphragm struggles to play its role of piston, circulation suffers, tissues and organs are less well irrigated. ” In the end, it’s the whole metabolism that slows down, causing congestion, digestive problems, bloating, toxin storage … By working on this key area, we will restart the machine, smooth intercellular exchanges and boost metabolism, ” continues the therapist. A not insignificant boost that brings a new well-being, physical but also mental.
Have a dream body: high heels yes, but in moderation A recent study conducted by a team of musculoskeletal experts at Griffith University, Australia, found that women who are used to wearing heels every day are altering the relationship between their Achilles tendon and calf. therefore, their natural step. This affects all body stability and increases the risk of injury. The solution ? Alternate dizzying pumps and semi-flat boots that offer better support for the ankles, and give a less classic quickdraw, a little rock. At home, you can treat yourself to a little “foot-fitness” session by walking barefoot, flat or on half-points, to stimulate all the small muscles of the plant that have spent the day cramped. in the shoes.