October 25, 2021

Yoga & Soundscape: Join Us for a Live Vinyasa Class with Ari Halbert

YJ Live AriH Hero

YJ Live AriH Hero 1

Finish your day with a strong, intelligent flow followed by a soothing meditation set to the sounds of a truly unique and beautiful instrument: the Hang Drum. This one-hour class will take you through a set of potent postures designed to open both the physical and energetic bodies, creating a deep state of receptivity. From here, you’ll have the space to relax, drop in, and soak up the sounds of the music.

Meet Your Teacher
A licensed acupuncturist, holistic nutrition coach, Qi Gong instructor, and registered yoga teacher with over a decade of experience, Ari Halbert brings a diverse, multi-disciplinary approach to his classes. With a keen eye for detail, Ari’s teaching style is succinct, highly personalized, and imbues a deep care for the integrity of movement.

In addition to his endeavors in the healing arts, Ari is a lifelong musician. Learning to play piano, drums, and guitar in his youth, and later earning a degree in audio engineering and music performance at New York University, music has always been a driving force in his life. His career in the music industry as an audio engineer afforded him the honor of working with many world-renowned artists, helping them to mold and shape their sonic landscapes from behind the mixing desk. Now, Ari integrates his love for music with his passion for movement by creating meditative soundscapes to which students can drop in more deeply to their inner-selves and experience states of peace and calm.

Ari has an acupuncture practice in Boulder, Colorado and holds workshops internationally, teaching yoga, Qi Gong, and gymnastics strength training.

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