August 11, 2022

6 New Shows to Watch on Netflix This Weekend | Best Life

The Chair

Whether it’s pumpkin spice lattes being back at Starbucks or putting the kids on the bus to school every morning again, the signs that summer is winding down are everywhere. But that doesn’t mean that your days off have to change. If you’re looking to spend the weekend checking out some shows, look no further than this list of new Netflix arrivals. There are reality shows (of both the home improvement and the sports variety), a devastating true crime docuseries, a cancel culture satire, and more. Read on to find out what’s recently hit the service.

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NetflixAs the many TV shows and movies about fictional high school football teams prove, there are few sports that generate as much drama or have higher stakes. The new Netflix docuseries Titletown High embeds in the Georgia high school of Valdosta, which boasts the winningest team in the country. (No pressure, right?) Add in a new head coach, who’s been at the center of some scandals at other schools, plus the personal lives of the staff and players, and you have an engaging sports story that also just happens to be completely true.

Eliza Morse/NetflixKilling Eve and Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh heads The Chair, a college-set satire about a woman who takes over the English department of a university in the midst of a free-speech-on-campus crisis. The Atlantic called the series—which co-stars Jay Duplass, Holland Taylor, and Bob Balaban—”near perfect.”

Geoff George/NetflixThere are pandemic hobbies and then there’s what the stars of Netflix’s new design reality show Motel Makeover decided to do. Friends April Brown and Sarah Sklash made the choice to buy a rundown motel (big Schitt’s Creek vibes) and completely renovate it, turning the drab and dated space into a boho-chic destination. Check out the series to see how they fared.

NetflixEntourage star Adrian Grenier stars as Nick Brewer, a husband and father who’s kidnapped and held captive for an internet audience. As the authorities and his family search for him, his kidnappers force him to confess to crimes in their viral videos—whether those crimes are real or imagined is part of the mystery. Who has Nick and why? You’ll want to keep clicking “Next Episode” to find out.

Divulgação/NetflixThis true crime docuseries details the fall from grace of Brazilian medium João Teixeira de Faria, who came to be regarded by some as a saint through the “psychic surgeries” he offered his followers. Though many claimed that he “healed” them of serious illness and injury—sometimes performing his own procedures without anesthesia—he was eventually disgraced when hundreds of women came forward with accusations of sexual abuse.

NetflixFriday Night Lights alum Taylor Kitsch plays a New York City cop who’s sent to Berlin in the aftermath of World War II to help a fledging German police force fight a rash of violent crime. Only he knows that his missing brother (Logan Marshall-Green), who sees himself as an avenging angel, is part of the problem. There’s also a local doctor (Sebastian Koch) who manipulates the desperate women he helps into killing for him, and a posh but shifty American intelligence operative played by Michael C. Hall. If you’re into untold corners of history, this post-war drama is for you.

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