September 19, 2021

#Godzilla Trends After Burning Sea Video Emerges from the Gulf of Mexico

Godzilla Trending Burning Sea Video Gulf Of Mexico

Video footage of an eruption of flames burning in the Gulf of Mexico brought a host of Godzilla and Cthulu theories to social media, seeing the fictional monsters trending on Twitter as a result. All good news for drawing attention to both the Godzilla vs Kong movie and the new anime series, Godzilla Singular Point, which has just arrived on Netflix, but not great when the real reason for the unusual images was released, which turned out to be as potentially catastrophic as the arrival of the King of The Monsters himself.

The eruption captured on video was the result of a gas leak at an offshore oil platform in the Campeche Sound, part of the Gulf of Mexico. The break in the underwater pipeline saw flames bursting from the sea in something very reminiscent of Godzilla’s emergence in many of his old movie appearances, and it was clear to see why the connection was being made by fans of the kaiju. While the fire is being brought under control and there were thankfully no injuries reported at the time of writing, the scene itself was easy to mistake as something from a movie, with a bubbling sea of fire being like something straight out of a fantasy novel.

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While the situation now seems under control, that did not mean that Twitter did not continue to be awash with references to the coming of the monsters. While we are all thankful that Godzilla’s scaly head did not pop up from the sea, as we really do have enough problems to worry about right now in the world, there will no doubt be many fans of Japan’s biggest export who would have welcomed the arrival like the return of a long lost family member. Obviously, seconds later they would have been crushed, eaten or blasted away, but they would have still been happy.

One user commented on the original video footage of the incident, saying, “I know Cthulhu and Godzilla when I see them y’all aren’t slick.” Another added, “I’ve seen this before. Godzilla is about to pop up out of that shit.” A third was quick to note that, “there are THIRTY-SIX godzilla movies, we literally have no excuse as a species.” Someone even just went into chanting mantra mode to try and bring forth the beast, saying “Please be Godzilla. Please be Godzilla. Please be Godzilla.” I think in the end we are all happier that it didn’t come to pass.

While the situation may have provided a little bit of light relief with the ideas of what could be about to make its presence known to the world – whether it be Godzilla, Cthulu, Aquaman or Davy Jones – the incident itself will no doubt lead to some more serious discussions around environmental issues and implications that such an accident can lead to. However, for those who are truly disappointed not to have seen a reptilian head bob up out of the watery inferno, you can also console yourself with a bit of the big lizard on Netflix with Godzilla Singular Point, which is streaming now.

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