August 15, 2022

Megan Fox surprises fans with Britney Spears impression on The Kelly Clarkson Show

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American actor Megan Fox’s recently impersonated singer Britney Spears on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show.
According to E!News, the Jennifer’s Body actor gave The Kelly Clarkson Show viewers a short performance of the tune Oops!… I Did It Again on the Thursday episode. Her impression was spot-on. Fox also sang in signature high-pitched tone Britney is known for, I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.
Perhaps the Transformers actor’s boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly may have given her some vocal lessons. As for what inspired the musical moment, Megan was explaining why Britney is her go-to artist on plane rides. She recalled the days when she was flying once a week for work, even though she was afraid of travelling by air.
She shared, “I was like, ‘I’m kind of pushing the statistics now because I’m flying so often. And that’s where the fear came from because it’s like, yeah if you fly twice a year you’re good but not if you’re flying like twice a week.”

And that’s where Britney reference comes in. As Megan put it, “What I did and what I do recommend to people if you hit turbulence and you’re like, ‘I don’t like how this feels,’ I would throw on certain music that I just knew I wasn’t gonna die to, which, for me, that was Britney Spears, like the archives from when I was young.”
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“That’s not the soundtrack to my death. So, that always made me feel better. You’re not gonna meet God on a like, ‘Oh baby, baby,’ and then you’re dead and you know all the mysteries of the universe in that moment. So for me, that was really helpful,” continued the actor.
As reported by E!News, it seems Megan’s theory about listening to Britney has some weight behind it. She first revealed her flight ritual in 2009, and it’s safe to say the actor has survived her many flights since then.

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