January 21, 2022

New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week — Edition 125

Mark Fridays

Mark Fridays 1
Research of the Week
The earliest known modern humans in Europe were products of a recent coupling between humans and Neanderthals.

How your face and body morphology influence how threatening you appear to others.

Thru-hiking—at least as commonly practiced—can impair vascular health.

Personality and metabolism.

In rodents, early life sugar consumption impairs later life cognition, perhaps via changes to gut bacteria.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts
Episode 481: Dr. Caroline Leaf: Host Elle Russ chats with communications pathologist and cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf, an expert in using direct mind input to change how you think.

Episode 482: Dr. Greg Kelly: Host Brad Kearns chats with Dr. Greg Kelly about circadian strategies for fat loss and longevity.

Health Coach Radio: Erin and Laura chat with Charlene Gisele, who went from high-powered corporate lawyer to higher-powered health coach.

Media, Schmedia
Everyone needs to go outdoors on a regular basis.

L0st Golden City discovered in Egypt.

Interesting Blog Posts
How vegetarian politics is preventing India from truly addressing its diabetes epidemic.

How and why did the Aztecs sacrifice so many humans?

Social Notes
Better get those hibernating bears on statins!

Why I love the beach.

Everything Else
Isn’t this how Planet of the Apes begins?

Isn’t this how The Walking Dead begins?

Turns out that Baltic amber is chock-full of promising pharmaceuticals.

Physical strength and anxiety levels.

America’s land use.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In
How about that: For 2 million years, humans were apex predators eating mostly fatty meat.

Important reminder: Sunlight works.

Rocky’s manager knew: No sex before squats.

This is terrible: Dog-napping on the rise in the UK.

This seems abusable: Sampling DNA from ambient air.

Question I’m Asking
Do you think thru-hiking can be healthy if you do it right?

Recipe Corner

Outstanding Brussels sprouts recipe.
Eggplant beef casserole.

Time Capsule
One year ago (Apr 3 – Apr 9)

Should You Try Intermittent Fasting While Doing Long-term Keto? — Well, should you?
How to Strengthen Tendons and Ligaments for Injury Prevention  — It’s not just about the muscles.

Comment of the Week
“The British have a fascination with naming types of birds after female epigamic displays. They already have tits (e.g., marsh tits and great tits), and boobies (e.g., the blue footed booby). Now it looks like they have a ‘knocker’. The real question, though, is ‘Are all knockers white?’”

-Great observation, Aaron.

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