May 27, 2022

Selena Gomez Surprises Britney Spears With A New Bikini — See Photo

selena gomez gifts britney spears new bikini shutterstock ftr

Selena Gomez sent Britney Spears a surprise bikini from her new collection & Britney was so thankful!

Selena Gomez is absolutely the sweetest as she sent Britney Spears a surprise bikini from her new collaboration, SELENA GOMEZ X LA’MARIETTE. Along with the bikini, Selena sent over some products from her cosmetics line, Rare Beauty. Britney was so thankful for the surprise gift that she immediately took to Instagram to share her thanks and praise.

Britney posted a photo to Instagram showing off the new bright purple and orange tie-dye bikini and products, writing, “Ok guys … great news !!! When I woke up I got a very cool box with a bikini in it and my favorite three make up products from @SelenaGomez !!!! Her shimmers are really fun and her spritz for your face before makeup is bomb and smells very good !!!! Selena …. Thank you for surprising me with this gift … I’ve been looking for shimmers!!!!!!”

Selena Gomez sent a bikini from her new collaboration to Britney Spears & Britney could not be more excited as she captioned her Instagram photo this heartfelt paragraph & Selena replied saying she loves her. (Instagram)

In response, Selena gushed, “This makes me so happy! I hope you enjoy it – love you so much.” This is not the first time the two stars have shared their praise of each other, in fact, Sels posted a throwback video back in May, of her singing the Britney song, ‘Don’t Go Knockin’ On My Door,’ when she was younger. Britney immediately commented on the video, writing, “This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen !!!!!”

We absolutely love that Selena and Britney admire each other and the only thing we can hope for is a possible collaboration between the two. The idea of the two singers doing a song together would be our absolute dream.