May 27, 2022

10 Best Exercises for Bigger Bicep Peaks

These are the 10 best bicep exercises for bigger taller bicep peaks. The bicep peak workout that's included will help you get bigger arms fast. So if you're wondering how to get those biceps to grow taller and wider watch…

These are the 10 best bicep exercises for bigger taller bicep peaks. The bicep peak workout that’s included will help you get bigger arms fast. So if you’re wondering how to get those biceps to grow taller and wider watch this video.

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Your bicep peak is mostly defined by the long head which is located on the outer portion of your arm as opposed to the short head which is closer to the center of your body. So today I want to give you guys the best exercises to target that long head and develop bigger, rounder, and taller bicep peaks in no time. Before we jump right in just keep in mind that your bicep isn’t only responsible for elbow flexion, but it also provides close to 50% of the strength required to turn your hand over. Specifically, the long head is very active when turning your pinky up towards the cieling so remember to do that during your reps to help develop those peaks even more.     

So First lets start with an exercise that you may have never done before the bayesian curl. This exercise was originally popularized by Menno Henselmans and we can tweak it to specifically put more tension on the long head and develop nicer peaks. So first you’ll want to lower a pulley all the way to the bottom of a cable cross machine. Then you’re going to grab a cable in your hand with your palm facing up, and take a few steps forward, so that your arm is being pulled behind your body. This takes the slack out of the long head which adds tension on that portion. From that starting position, you’re going to curl the cable up toward your chest while doing your best to keep your elbow locked in one place behind your body. This will actually prevent your hands from coming up any higher than around your lower chest, which is what we want. Then while still keeping your elbow back, slowly lower the cables back down to the starting position and repeat for reps making sure to hit each side for each set.

Another exercise that’s very similar is the barbell drag curl. The major difference between regular barbell curls and drag curls is that your elbows end up positioned further behind the body, and like I said when we do that we increase the stretch and tension placed on the long head of the bicep. So to perform this correctly you’re going to grab a loaded bar, and I recommend taking a closer grip to target the long head even more. From that starting position, you’ll curl the bar up while gliding the bar along your body the whole time. By imagining that you’re dragging the bar up across your body your elbows will naturally stay back in the right place. Once your curl the bar up as high as you can, which will once again be to about chest level, slowly lower it back down and repeat for reps. Keep in mind you will most likely need to use a much lighter weight than what you would normally lift for regular bicep curls. That’s perfectly normal for these first two exercises. 

Another exercise that positions the elbows behind the body and can be done with just a pair of dumbbells is the incline dumbbell bicep curl. You would set the bench at an incline of about 45 to 60 degrees and lay back with the dumbbells in your hands at your sides. Just by getting into this starting position, your arms will be slightly behind your body, and that’ll put the same stretch on the long head. So from that starting position, you’re going to curl one dumbbell up towards your shoulder, while keeping your elbow close to your body, and turning your hand over so that your pinky is pointing up as we talked about. Then slowly lower back down as you switch to the other side and alternate back and forth for reps. Make sure as you’re doing this exercise that you’re not using your shoulders by driving your elbows forward at the end of the movement to rest. Instead, keep your elbows and upper arms back in the starting position the whole time to ensure that the long head stays stretched.  Also if you’d like it’s always an option to do this exercise by curling both arms at the same time rather than alternating on each rep. 

Going back to cables another effective peak builder that you may not know about is the lying cable bicep curl. This is one of the few bicep exercises that make it almost impossible to use momentum, which is an immediate plus. So to begin you’ll position the pulley at the top of a cable cross, attach a bar to the pulley, and place a flat or declined bench under the bar. Then you’re going to grab the bar with a close underhanded grip and lay back against the bench with your arms extended straight up. Next, you’re going to curl the bar towards your forehead. And right here you’ll notice another big benefit of this exercise, there’s no way to rest at the top of the contraction. No matter how close you bring the bar the tension stays on your biceps. As you curl remember to keep your elbows and upper arms locked in that one position so that….

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