May 26, 2022

10 Best Things to do During Every Workout

Using these 10 simple tips will make any workout better. Regardless of whether you exercise at the gym or at home by watching this video you'll learn the best things to do during every workout to see improved performance and…

Using these 10 simple tips will make any workout better. Regardless of whether you exercise at the gym or at home by watching this video you’ll learn the best things to do during every workout to see improved performance and better results. You’ll also discover common workout mistakes to avoid and things that you should never do again at the gym.

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What you do during your workout will determine how fast you build muscle, get stronger, and improve your body composition. And if you focus on the wrong things during your workout you’re going to slow down your progress,¬†get demotivated, and eventually hit a plateau. That’s why today I want to go over 8 things that you should do during every single workout to get faster results.¬†

And the truth is we can talk about the structure of your workout all day, but if you’re not focused or in the zone during your workouts it’s going to be very difficult to push yourself to the next level and see those results that you’re after. That’s why the first simple scientifically proven tip is to listen to your favorite music during every workout.¬†Many studies show that simply putting on some headphones and listening to your favorite songs can actually improve athletic performance. The music is able to boost performance most likely in one of two ways, by either delaying fatigue onset or increasing work capacity. According to a study led by a well-known sports psychologist, the effects of music lead to higher-than-expected levels of endurance, power, productivity, or strength. (0.1). And there are many other studies that point in this same direction and come to the same conclusion. Specifically, the research shows that music can increase strength endurance…

Faster-paced motivational music has been shown to boost workout performance better than neutral or slower-paced music. (0.2)¬† For example, in a study that looked at the effect that music had on how high the participants chose to ramp up their speed on a treadmill, the researchers found that while listening to faster-paced music, participants were able to increase their pace and distance traveled without becoming any more tired. (0.3)¬†Aside from increasing energy and motivation, music is able to reduce fatigue most likely because it helps distract you from¬†the pain that a particular exercise is causing you. And this fits very well with my personal experience. Some of my personal best strength gains have come right after I spent a good amount of time creating a brand new playlist full of new songs that would really pump me up. So if you’ve been listening to the same songs for months now I suggest you spend some time searching for new music that actually motivates you because I believe it makes a huge difference that’s hard to fully quantify in studies.¬†

Something¬†else that you’ll want to do is drink¬†water throughout your workout. This will help you replace fluids that you lose through sweat and that have a beneficial effect on performance. If you don’t sweat much during your workout this isn’t as important. But either way,¬†don’t the mistake of getting a sports to drink full of sugar instead of water because research doesn’t show much of a beneficial effect from intra-workout carbs which are carbs that you take in specifically during your workout. So unless you’re really low on carbs it’ll only add extra sugar to your diet without improving performance so stick to water especially when you’re sweating.¬†¬†

Another simple but highly powerful tip to increase focus is to eliminate distractions during every workout and Mostly this is done by putting your phone on silent and listening to a set playlist so you don’t have to keep checking your phone. It’s very common for people to come into their workout ready to train hard, and then when they go to check their phone for “just a minute” an unexpected email or message pops up, which leads to a significant delay between sets. Not only does this mean that your workout will last much longer than it has to, but these kinds of distractions also prevent you from reaching a flow state or they can pull you out of that flow state, which takes time to get back into. And like I said if you’re not focused it doesn’t matter if you have the best workout routine in the world, you’re not going to give it you’re best, which is more important. It’s no surprise that your phone can decrease focus since research clearly shows that having a smartphone within reach can reduce available cognitive capacity. (5) So set your phone to play your music and don’t check it until the end of your workout.¬†

As far as the workout itself something that you absolutely must do to see progress is apply progressive overload. This essentially means that you need to make your workout harder over time and continuously place more stress on your body than what it’s used to.

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