October 27, 2021

10 Exercises to Force Arm GROWTH

These are 10 of the best exercises to force arm growth. If you want to get bigger biceps and triceps then you'll want to be doing these exercises consistently. Not only will you experience arm growth, but your arms will…

These are 10 of the best exercises to force arm growth. If you want to get bigger biceps and triceps then you’ll want to be doing these exercises consistently. Not only will you experience arm growth, but your arms will also get stronger. Stick around to the end and learn the best ways to make a killer arm workout from these exercises by using supersets and drop sets.

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When looking closer at the arm we see that your¬†tricep actually makes up 60 percent¬†of your upper arms size and your¬†brachialis along with your bicep makes up the other 40 percent¬†so these three muscles are very important to train and develop¬†to get bigger arms. And while we can come up with all different creative ways to target these muscles, there’s no doubt that certain exercises will help you get the job done faster and more efficiently than others. Many of these are staple exercises that have been around for a very long time, and the reason they’ve been able to survive the test of time is that they’re so incredibly effective at helping your arms grow. So I want to go over the 10 arm exercises that you absolutely should be doing if you want to add inches to your arms and I’ll also go over workout programming strategies like supersets and drop sets at the end so you can create a killer arm workout.¬†
First, we’ll start with an extremely overlooked tricep exercise the incline skull crusher. Even though regular skull crushers are very effective, doing them on an incline creates an angle that leads to a very intense stretch and contraction on each and every rep. To begin you’ll take a seat on an inclined bench with an easy bar in your hands. You should have an overhand grip with your knuckles facing towards you and start with the bar resting on your knees. Lay back and bring the bar up until your hands are slightly behind your shoulders. Make sure you lift your head off the bench to give enough room for the bar to travel behind your head, and then slowly lower the bar down by bending your elbows while keeping them as close together as possible. Once the bar is behind your head extend your elbows until the bar is back to the starting position, which should have you holding the bar behind the line of your shoulders rather than in line with your shoulders. This helps keep constant tension on your triceps. So from there, you’re just going to lower back down behind your head and repeat for reps.¬†

Next is the most simple yet most powerful bicep exercise there is for adding mass to your arms, the barbell bicep curl. It’s such an effective exercise because it allows you to use both arms at the same time so you can load up a really heavyweight to overload your biceps. You’ll begin by loading a straight barbell, and then grab it with an underhand grip so that your palms are facing forward. Your grip can be wide or narrow. By taking a closer grip you’ll be targeting the outside of your biceps more, meanwhile taking a wider grip will target the inside of your biceps more. So it’s good to incorporate¬†both close and wider grips throughout your bicep workouts. In either case, once you grip the bar stand up straight, and curl the weight up until your hands are almost at your shoulders, but don’t rest at the top, instead slowly lower back down and repeat for reps. Remember 3 things as you perform your curls. First make sure you’re not swinging your elbows forward, second make sure you’re not flaring your elbows outward, and lastly make sure you’re not cheating by throwing your hips forward, using momentum, or bending backward. Also, remember that this exercise is supposed to be a mass builder, so it’s very important that you use a challenging weight that you’ll struggle to hardly complete for 10 reps. Preferably I want you to fail before you hit the 10 reps with this exercise. Doing of¬†few sets of barbell bicep¬†curls to¬†failure is by itself a powerful stimulus for your arms to grow.¬† ¬†

Next is the barbell close grip floor press. Now the big benefit of the floor press, as opposed to the regular bench press, is that it limits your range of motion and it makes you come to a dead stop, which relaxes your muscle, eliminates the stretch reflex, and makes the path upward a little more challenging. Also since your elbows can’t go past the floor, you wind up overloading your triceps because that limited range of motion puts more focus on the tricep portion of the exercise, and less on the bottom chest portion. So start by loading a barbell on a rack set up about arms distance off the floor. Lay down and position yourself so that your eyes are under the barbell and grab a close overhand grip,¬†so your hands should be about shoulder-width apart. Then unrack the bar and hold it over your nipple line. From there you’re going to lower down slowly in a slight arch-like fashion so that the bar ends up under your nipple line around your sternum, which is above your abs.

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