May 27, 2022

10 Worst Diet Mistakes Making You Fatter

These are the 10 Worst Diet Mistakes that make fat loss harder. If you're wondering why you're not losing stubborn fat it's most likely because you're making at least one of these mistakes. Avoid these common weight loss mistakes and…

These are the 10 Worst Diet Mistakes that make fat loss harder. If you’re wondering why you’re not losing stubborn fat it’s most likely because you’re making at least one of these mistakes. Avoid these common weight loss mistakes and uncover the truth behind these fat loss myths that you’ve believed for so long.

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You can work out as hard as you want, but you won’t burn fat if you’re not focused on what you’re eating and how much you’re eating. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of confusing and contradicting information out there, so it’s easy to make some pretty common mistakes when setting up your diet plan for fat loss. So today I want to go over 10 of these major diet mistakes that you’ll want to avoid because these make it much harder for you to lose fat.

And the first mistake that makes you waste a whole lot of energy and time on unnecessary meal prep is this false idea that you need to eat a large number of small meals throughout the day to support your metabolism and effectively burn fat. That’s why most fitness meal plans call for anywhere from 5 to 6 meals per day. And like I said people that recommend this high meal frequency strategy claim that it keeps your metabolism high since you keep feeding the fire consistently and that supports weight loss. But is this true? Well, the answer is no. A meta-analysis concluded that “There is no difference between nibbling and gorging when it comes to 24 calorie intake and expenditure.” (10) In other words, it doesn’t matter whether you eat many or a few meals per day – as long as you consume the same amount of food, the impact on your metabolism and on your body fat will be the same. On top of that, eating more frequently might even make it harder to lose weight. That’s because, as found by research from the University of Hawai, “eating frequency was positively associated with energy intake.” (1) This doesn’t necessarily mean that eating more often will cause You specifically to gain weight and that eating less often will cause you to lose weight. It highly depends on what works for you. But if you find it hard to lose weight and eat many meals multiple times per day, you might want to try reducing your meal frequency and see if that helps you better control your caloric intake.

The next big mistake that prevents people from even starting to change their diet is focusing Too Much on the Details and not focusing enough on the Big Picture. Losing weight and burning fat is simple on paper. You just consume fewer calories than you burn and you’ll drop pounds off the scale. But despite its simplicity, you can make dieting as complex as you want. For example, beginners might wonder whether they should go with organic food or not. Whether broccoli is better for weight loss than cauliflower. Or whether it’s better to boil vegetables or eat them raw. And sure, those are interesting questions. But in the grand scheme of things, they’ll either have a very negligible or no impact on your weight loss results at all. Many people get lost and overwhelmed when they start focusing more and more on the rather non-essential details. Should you eat red meat or white meat? How long after your workout should you have a protein shake? What’s the best time of the day to eat carbs? Of course t’s okay to ask these questions but don’t let such small things distract you from the bigger picture. And two key big picture tips that you need to follow as your guiding north stars are that you have to be in a calorie deficit and you have to make sure that you eat enough protein every day. If you can follow these two big picture things you will burn fat and improve your body composition. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed with the details because there’s enough mismatching information out there to make your head spin from vegan to carnivore to keto to low carb to low fat, and you’ll just get lost and stuck in analysis paralysis. You have to understand that any diet can work as long as it works for you.

Another very widespread diet myth is this false belief that you have to eat a lot of fat and a low amount of carbs to burn fat. For many people, Paleo and keto-type diet plans can be very effective for weight loss. One reason for this is because you limit your carbohydrates, which is one of the most overconsumed macronutrients. Now, where many low-carb dieters go wrong is that they believe the more fat they eat, the more fat they’ll lose. The rationale behind this is that studies show that consuming more fat increases fat oxidation in the body, which is definitely true. However, for people that are just drinking MCT oils, and adding tablespoons of coconut oil to their coffee every morning, what they fail to realize is that burning body fat and burning dietary fat are two different things. Just because your body is burning more of the fat that you’re eating for fuel doesn’t mean that you…

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