May 27, 2022

17 Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

Common weight loss mistakes are believeing that you can get a six-pack just by doing crunches, eating late at a night will make you fat, and the anabolic window exists so you need protein immediately after your workout. This video…

Common weight loss mistakes are believeing that you can get a six-pack just by doing crunches, eating late at a night will make you fat, and the anabolic window exists so you need protein immediately after your workout. This video will show you how these three are fat loss myths and also help you uncover the 14 other common fat loss myths. Find out if you’re wasting your time on old fitness misinformation and the reason why you’re not losing and more weight or belly fat.

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Losing weight can be pretty straight forward, but as soon as you start to search for the best ways to lose weight, there’s no doubt that you’ll run into some myths and bad advice that’ll make losing weight harder than it has to be, and might even throw off your progress. So today I’m going to run through the most common myths and lies that many of you still believe about burning fat and dropping pounds off the scale. 

And the first myth is the idea that eating small but frequent meals will boost your metabolism. This is a very common widespread belief, so it’s okay if you’ve been under the impression that it’s true. There are even some doctors still pushing this false information. But the research shows a different story. In fact, a large meta-analysis found that regardless of whether you’re eating all your daily calories at once or instead you’re splitting them up and nibbling throughout the day as long as calories are matched there should be no difference in your metabolic rate. (1) So focus more on setting up your diet in a way that you can be consistent with rather than worrying so much about your meal frequency. You don’t need to eat 5 to 6 meals a day to get lean and look great. 

Next, we have the false belief that eating late at night will make you fatter than eating earlier in the day. This has proven to be completely untrue. Many studies have shown that simply eating later at night doesn’t make you fat. In one of these studies, researchers found that eating carbs at night didn’t impair fat loss even after 6 months of doing so. (2) In fact, it might surprise you to learn that researchers observed more favorable weight loss and hormonal changes in the group that ate most of their carbs for dinner. (3) So it’s totally okay to eat the food later on at night. Just don’t make the mistake of staying up too late and mindlessly eating junk food instead of getting to sleep. 

Another myth that has become a lot more popular lately is that dietary fat, won’t make you fat. For a long time, people believed that fat was the main macronutrient that leads to weight gain. So as a society we went on this low fat craze, where a ton of processed foods had the fats replaced with sugar, and it turned out, people got even fatter. So Nowadays, for many, the pendulum has swung in the other direction. So instead of being fearful of fats, there’s now this belief that since dietary fat can’t raise your insulin levels it’s unlikely that you’ll gain body fat by eating more dietary fat. However, the truth is that your body can still store calories very well even without the presence of insulin. (4) Now even though it can be very beneficial to straighten out your hormones and manage your insulin levels with a proper diet…it doesn’t change the fact that a calorie from dietary fat can be just as “fattening” as a calorie coming from carbohydrates.
 Next, we have Myth number 4: Dieting and especially fasting will cause permanent metabolic damage by putting you into a starvation mode. 

According to a review study by Menno Henselmans starvation modes and metabolic damage don’t exist. If you don’t know about him, Menno Henselmans is a physique competitor and a very reliable scientific author in the realm of sports science. In his study, he and other researchers confirmed that the theory of permanent, diet-induced metabolic slowing is not supported by any current scientific evidence. (8)

Moving on we have a common myth that serves more so as an excuse than anything else. This idea that overweight people must have very slow metabolisms. On the contrary, it might surprise you to learn that It’s actually the other way around. The heavier you are, the higher your resting metabolic rate tends to be (7). In other words, overweight individuals typically have a faster metabolism than people that maintain a healthy weight. Now of course someone that’s overweight can also have a thyroid issue that drastically slows down their metabolism, however being overweight alone, is not in itself proof or even a sign of a slow metabolism.. 

Next, we have the false belief that the best way to lose fat is with Intermittent fasting. And let me just say right away that my favorite way to burn fat is with intermittent fasting, but just like there’s no set in stone rule that requires you to eat 5 or 6 meals throughout the day, there’s also no set in stone rule that

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