August 13, 2022

9 BEST Home Shoulder Exercises NO EQUIPMENT

These are 9 of the best at-home exercises for bigger broader & wider shoulders. If you want more defined 3d looking shoulder caps then this in-home shoulder workout will help. If you have a pair of dumbbells and a TRX…

These are 9 of the best at-home exercises for bigger broader & wider shoulders. If you want more defined 3d looking shoulder caps then this in-home shoulder workout will help. If you have a pair of dumbbells and a TRX suspension trainer, it can help, but no equipment is necessary to perform these exercises.
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When we think of targeting¬†the shoulders we typically think of exercises like dumbbell raises, overhead presses, and reverse flyes, but unfortunately, if you don’t have¬†weights, these exercises become impossible to do at home. But luckily there are many amazing¬†exercises that you can perform at home, and just by using your body weight, you can definitely develop¬†nice defined cap-like shoulders with full frontal, middle, and back shoulder heads.¬†

And for the first exercise, we’re going to target the front and middle heads with dolphin pushups. To begin get down on all fours and plant your elbows into the ground like you’re about to perform a plank. From there you’ll get into what looks like a plank but your hips should be higher up in the air, in a downward dog position. Next, you’re going to lower your hips and shift your body weight forward. Your shoulders should go past your elbows, and try to get low enough to have your chest touch your hands. Then you’re going to reverse the movement, and specifically, you want to concentrate on moving your bodyweight back up with your shoulders. So don’t just press up with your chest focus on flexing your shoulders almost like you’re trying to raise your elbows up. While you’re doing this you don’t want to just pull your hips back, let your arms do the work. As you push back your hips should come right back up into that downward dog position and then from there, you’ll repeat for reps. To make this more challenging simply walk your feet in, and to make it less challenging walk them further back.¬†

Another exercise similar to the dolphin pushup is the pike pushup. Now many people perform these on the ground and if you don’t have another option then doing them on the ground is totally fine. But you’ll probably find that your head gets in the way of getting a full range of motion for your shoulders. If you want more of a challenge, then you can elevate your hands on two platforms. So you can use furniture, chairs, or a stack of books. Then you would¬†place your feet on one platform and place each of your hands on the other two so that you’re once again in an elevated downward dog position. From there you want to bend your elbows and lower yourself down slowly until you feel a nice stretch in your chest and shoulders. Then press yourself back up until you’re back to the starting position and repeat for reps.
Next, we have an exercise that will work your lateral head as well as your core. Side plank crunches. Now you can do these on your elbow or with your arm fully extended. To target the shoulder better I recommend¬†doing it on your hand. So you’ll plant your hand on the ground under your shoulder and stack your feet so that you’re in a side plank position. Then you’re going to raise your hips up off the floor and aim to get them up higher than a typical side plank. As you’re doing this concentrate on pushing your body away from your hand. then lower your hips almost to the ground. From there flex your shoulder and push your hips back up and repeat for reps.¬†
Another simple but effective shoulder exercise that not only hits the rear delts but also targets the lats, as well as the rhomboids, is the towel lat pulldown. To do this one you’ll need a towel or a broomstick, and I’ll be demonstrating with a towel. Lay flat down on the ground. Grab one end of the towel in each hand and raise it above your head. From there you’re going to lift your upper body off the ground. You can lift your lower body off the ground too to also hit your glutes and lower back. But either way¬†you’re going to really try to pull the towel apart as you pull your elbows down, in what looks like a floor lat pull down. When you get your elbows all the way back you want to really squeeze for a second before raising back above the head and repeating for reps.¬†¬†

Another one for the back of the shoulder is a variation of the reverse fly. Instead of bending over and facing the ground, you’re actually going to lay on your back. Spread your arms out with a slight bend in your elbows, just like you would with a reverse fly. Then you’re going to press your arms and elbows back into the ground and raise your upper body up. Hold yourself up and squeeze for a second before slowly returning back down and repeating for reps. Keep in mind even though this one does have a very short range of motion, as long as you squeeze and concentrate on using the correct muscles you’ll definitely challenge you rear portion of your shoulders.¬†

Now moving back to an exercise that targets the front and middle head very…

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