October 27, 2021

Belly Fat Burner

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hey there welcome to exit I’m your trainer Kelsey Lee and today we are doing some ABS and I have a feeling that you’re gonna like this one because it’s definitely a little different than the things you’ve done before so go ahead and jump down on the floor we’re gonna get started with a partial and a crunch okay just gonna bring it up small range of motion and pretty much all of these exercises we’re doing for 30 seconds slip this legs off up off the floor about Oh foot mask you belly just exhales you come up you got in a few more of these and we’ll move on alright so next up and if anything’s hurting you guys put your hands under your hips or take a little rest alright so the second one we’re doing we’re gonna stay on our backs and we’re gonna do a reverse crunch which you know looks like this pulling the knees in but we’re gonna bring our upper bodies in also okay there you go so really pull those knees in you want a little flexion through the calves you don’t pull on your head there you go exhale as you bring it in good work swing those shoulder blades barely off the ground keep going we’re almost done with these and we’ll move on should be feeling warmed up one more okay so this next one where you leave we’re going to stay where we’re at except we are gonna bring our legs all the way up and bring us bring it back down that’s the same thing just extend the legs okay you got it really exhale modification can be here hands under the hips you really want to try to get those shoulder blades up a little bit that way the full length of your core on the Front’s being activated should start to burn about now good job keep it going last one oh all right so you guys should feel that right here in the core okay bring it on up and next we have something new and this is a little fun so let’s see if we got this you have any questions you can either press pause and video comment but it’s gonna look like this we’re gonna start on one side bring it up and then bring it back down to jump on in slow and controlled you got it hold that knee in okay good work but stability here all right other leg here we go good job take your time not a race get the hell down to touch the knee last one over here oh all right so messed up we have something similar but we’re gonna start on her side so go ahead and jump into side plank okay so hips up and pull it in all right here we go jump in notice my hip drops just slightly as I come up good job keep going don’t let the hip touch the ground last one nice job okay go ahead and switch it up other side moving my mat around over here all right so pop it up arms out and pull it in got it perfect should start burnin that standing leg should also be feeling it to one life oh nice job all right let’s take it to the top so stay where you’re at all over again okay here we go make sure you’re getting the shoulder blades up off the ground partials and jump in slight bend in the knee is okay remember not all the way up just a baby range of motion really exhale on the way up I promise you’re gonna get more isolation that way don’t hold the breath so easy to be like holding your breath and realizing that this is getting more difficult but if you focus on your breathing I promise it gets easier oh all right you guys burning over there leave some comments let us know okay next up reverse crunch remember what to do if some hands here here if you need to you got it ever so slightly get those shoulder blades up nice keep going bring the knees in oh it’s burning over here keep going who should be feeling warm last one Oh burn all right full legs Blake raises our next I almost forgot what I was talking about okay so bring them all the way up remember a shoulder blade to up as well back down remember our modification hands can be here head can also rest you you got it really hitting the lower abs your neck hurts bring your head down easy as that all right okay you remember what’s next was crazy tied one so we’re gonna bring it back in the plank position get situates begin over here all right plank position here we go and pull it in one side only take your time slow in control we got it yeah please work alright switched other side take it slow readjust your feet if you need to little wider stance I am feeling it over here last one whoa alright hang in there hang in there plank again so pop it up you got it pull it in same thing as last get the knee up don’t let the hip drop down keep going alright and go ahead and switch it around other side alright pull that hip up me and there you go of course you guys can cycle this video through again if you like but I do encourage you to sift through our other videos and not something else tab along with it oh all right okay let’s go ahead and stand it up this next one I know you’re familiar with we’ve done in a couple videos so all we’re doing arm up here and pull it over full minute you got it jump on in not just a funky dance move we’re trying to get some isolation so we hit some tweeze hit and squeeze okay good work really pull in the core of the front nice job oh it should be warm not necessarily drenched in sweat but definitely should be feeling it good job we’re getting there member 60 seconds not very long not out of your entire day so hang in there remember with this kind of stuff you’re gonna get out what you put in to maximize your time whoa keep going so we probably have about five more seconds left last one BAM all right so what do you guys think pretty good right something you guys can totally do on your own incorporate this a couple times a week and I promise your core will be feeling more solid so make sure you subscribe here and exit leave a video comment let us know how you did and follow me on twitter at kelsey lee calm