September 19, 2021

Core Connection: Join Us for a Live Flow Class with Sarah Ezrin

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A strong core is so much more than our abdominals. In fact, those coveted “six-pack” abs may be the least important when it comes to strength. Anatomically, our core is comprised of our entire trunk, from the shoulders to the hips, and the muscles most essential in stabilization are those furthest from the surface, the ones least visible in a bathing suit.

On an energetic level, having a strong core means knowing oneself intimately. It means holding healthy boundaries and defined values. It means remaining connected to our truth. This one-hour flow class will not only strengthen your core, but it will help you connect more deeply to yourself. After all, that’s the ultimate core work.

Meet Your Teacher
Sarah Ezrin is a mama, author, and yoga teacher trainer. Her willingness to be unabashedly honest and vulnerable along with her innate wisdom make both her writing and classes great sources of healing and inner peace for many people. Based in the bay area, where she lives with her husband, son, and dog, Sarah is changing the world, teaching self-love to one person at a time. For more information please visit and follow her on Instagram at @sarahezrinyoga.

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