September 19, 2021

Saved by the Bell: 9 Healthy Taco Bell Foods

361469 9 Nutritious TacoBell Foods Header 1296x732 1

361469 9 Nutritious TacoBell Foods Header 1296x732 1 1
When hunger strikes, there’s no shame in scarfing down some fast-food tacos. But if you’re working on your fitness, a late-night T-Bell run probably isn’t top of mind as a healthy fast-food option.

Still can’t stay away from the top dog of Mexican-style fast food? Taco Bell does have several healthier options — you just need to get creative with your order.

What’s the healthiest thing to get at Taco Bell?
Whether you eat inside, opt for the drive-thru, or get it delivered, these 9 orders are the best healthy options at Taco Bell:

Beef Burrito Supreme Fresco StyleCrunchy Steak TacoBlack Bean Crunchwrap SupremeChicken QuesadillaVeggie Power Menu BowlCheesy Roll UpChicken Chalupa Supreme Fresco StyleBean BurritoBlack Beans and Rice

Design by Mekhi Baldwin; Photography by Taco Bell
Healthy options at Taco Bell
Are the taco bells ringing 🔔? Whether you’re looking for low calorie, fat, or sodium options, we got you. Here are 9 of the healthiest foods at Taco Bell that are registered dietitian-approved.

1. Beef Burrito Supreme Fresco Style
Design by Mekhi Baldwin; Photography by Taco Bell
A hearty burrito packed with beans and beef can quickly relieve any hunger pangs thanks to its high fiber and protein content. Ordering it “Fresco Style” removes the higher calorie and fat ingredients, such as sour cream and cheese, and replaces it with freshly prepared diced tomatoes. 

FYI: You can practically order any menu item Fresco Style. 🍅

This is the perfect lunch or dinner option for individuals looking for a low calorie, high protein meal.

Calories340Fat11 gProtein14 gCarbs48 gFiber9 gSodium1040 mgSugar4 g
2. Crunchy Steak Taco
Design by Mekhi Baldwin; Photography by Taco Bell
Yup, you can still feast on some tacos for Taco Tuesday (and really any other day of the week). These marinated grilled steak tacos amp up the protein but deliver minimal calories, fat, and carbohydrates, which is ideal for individuals following a low carb or keto eating pattern. The cherry on top is the fact that the sodium content is low (but so is the fiber).

You can also choose Fresco Style to reduce fat and calories even more.

Calories150Fat7 gProtein10 gCarbs11 gFiber1 gSodium290 mgSugar0 g
3. Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme
Design by Mekhi Baldwin; Photography by Taco Bell
This spin on the classic Crunchwrap Supreme swaps out beef for black beans. This menu option can be a complete meal for vegetarians with veggies like fresh lettuce and tomatoes and protein from the beans.

Just be warned: You’ll be eating almost your entire days worth of sodium in one Crunchwrap. But you can knock it down to 220 mg by eliminating the nacho cheese sauce. And taking out the cheese bumps it down to 460 calories.

Calories510Fat17 gProtein13 gCarbs77 gFiber8 gSodium1080 mgSugar6 g
4. Chicken Quesadilla
Design by Mekhi Baldwin; Photography by Taco Bell
You won’t miss out on any protein with this quesadilla. When you smash together grilled chicken and three-cheese blend, you end up with a whopping 27 grams.

The sodium amount is still sky high if you need to watch your salt intake. But if you ask to go easy on the cheesy and the creamy jalapeno sauce you’ll find yourself under 1000 mg sodium (still high, but better) and at 380 calories.

Calories510Fat26 gProtein27 gCarbs38 gFiber4 gSodium1250 gSugar2 g
5. Veggie Power Menu Bowl
Design by Mekhi Baldwin; Photography by Taco Bell
This combination of rice, black beans, guacamole, and fresh veggies is easy on the calories and total fat content. But it still provides ample protein and fiber. 

This bowl of goodness is vegetarian, but you can take it one step further and make it vegan by cutting out the cheese, sour cream, and avocado ranch sauce.

Calories430Fat17 gProtein12 gCarbs57 gFiber10 gSodium810 mgSugar2 g
6. Cheesy Roll Up
Design by Mekhi Baldwin; Photography by Taco Bell
Simply a flour tortilla rolled up with some melty cheese. Might not seem like much, but it still boasts plenty of protein while being low in fat, carbs, and calories. This value menu option is perfect if you’re needing something to hold you over until your next meal.

Calories180Fat9 gProtein9 gCarbs15 gFiber2 gSodium430 mgSugar