May 27, 2022

What Happens If You Workout TOO MUCH?

These are the signs and symptoms of overtraining. Find out exactly what happens when you exercise too much. There's a big difference between overreaching and overtraining. This video will show you how to prevent overtraining, and how to recognize if…

These are the signs and symptoms of overtraining. Find out exactly what happens when you exercise too much. There’s a big difference between overreaching and overtraining. This video will show you how to prevent overtraining, and how to recognize if it’s happening to you.

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Working out too much can lead to pain and swelling in your joints, overuse injuries, and a reduction in strength and performance. Or at least that’s according to people that believe in the concept of overtraining. but not everyone believes in overtraining. For example, a very popular bodybuilder, Ct Fletcher, has consistently claimed that overtraining is a myth. Claiming there’s no such thing as overtraining and instead, there’s only undereating. But if we take our own opinions out of it and look at the research, it clearly shows that overtraining does in fact exist. Some of the studies show that over-training affects anywhere from 7 percent to 20 percent of athletes per season. (1) Meanwhile, other data shows that it impacts up to 31 percent of college athletes per year. (2)

But these are athletes that train much more than the average person and you have to remember that if you don’t train hard enough you won’t see any results. So what’s the sweet spot and what would be considered overtraining? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple because everyone is different, so there’s no exact number of reps or time spent in the gym that you shouldn’t exceed. And to complicate things even further many people often confuse overtraining with something known as overreaching. Now even though they share similarities, overtraining and overreaching are definitely not the same. Overreaching is a temporary condition that occurs in response to heavy or intense weight loads and it only requires a relatively short amount of time to recover from. Even when going by its definition, we can see that it is possible “to recover from a state of overreaching within a 2-week period.” (3) 

So to simplify, if you’re overreaching it means that you’re pushing your body to a point that is beyond its current recovery capacity. But when you simply take some time off, your body will be able to catch up and recover from a state of overreaching pretty fast. That’s why it can even be argued that the condition of overreaching is a relatively normal and harmless result of the training process.” (4) So an example of something that could cause overreaching would be doing a high-volume three-week training phase followed by one week of rest. You’ll likely “overreach’ during the high-volume phase since you’ll either be doing a lot more reps or sets to achieve that higher volume. But as long as it’s not excessive, your body should recover from it very well especially with a week off. 

Now overtraining, on the other hand, is different. In general, you go from overreaching to overtraining when you push your body to such an extent that it’s hard for you to recover even after weeks or even months. In fact, it’s common for athletes that are in an overtrained state to take months or possibly even years to completely recover. (5) The reason why overtraining is so hard to recover from is because it disrupts homeostasis to such a significant extent that your body can’t handle it effectively. Homeostasis is a state of balance within the body. It occurs when all your bodily processes are working together and they’re regulated in a way in which internal conditions are balanced, stable, and relatively constant. Now it isn’t bad to temporarily disrupt homeostasis. In fact, that’s what you do whenever you lift weights or do cardio. You place a stressor on your body that acts as a shock to your system. And as a result, your body will adapt and make changes so that it can better handle a similar stressor in the future. In other words, you’ll build muscle, endurance, and you’ll get stronger. But when homeostasis is disrupted chronically, which is the case with overtraining, your body won’t have the time and the ability to get back to a state of equilibrium.

This can lead to a wide range of symptoms. (6) For example overtraining can cause acute and chronic immunosuppression, which means it suppresses your immune system, making you more likely to catch a cold, get an infection, or get sick. (7) You can also be affected mentally. Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and lowered libido are common side effects of overtraining. (8) And Interestingly, it works both ways. Physically overtraining can increase mental stress and vice versa more mental stress can increase the chances of overtraining. I’ll go over that more in a minute, but another obvious issue you’ll run into as a result of overtraining is decreased performance. (9) This is usually the most common way to check if you’re in a state of overtraining. Even though you might be training hard and supposedly doing “everything right” no progres

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