October 27, 2021

World’s cheapest fat burner- Under Rs.1

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People asking me about the fat burner Tyrone can you please tell me the most effective fat burner I have a budget of 20-25 hundred can you tell me what is the best fat burner available in the market


hey guys I am back with another Fitness video for you all so we’re getting a lot of questions from people asking me about the fat burner Tyrone can you please tell me the most effective fat burner I have a budget of 20-25 hundred can you tell me what is the best fat burner available in the market so I’ll tell you my experience with more so the fat burners first for animal cuts better tried it’s okay you know I think it’s probably be sent I would say but with the price tag of 2500 bucks I don’t know then I tried a myth I’ll drink not this guys this is potent this has apparently ephedra in it which has killed many people because if it increases your heart rate but me being me I tried it again guys didn’t see any difference then you know one of the companies you know which is doing the talks you know in ended market muscle place fat burner man I would say don’t even think about it doesn’t work I want to share with you the best fat burner in the Indian market you know which one that is caffeine I don’t know by the name Nescafe brew whatever now guys caffeine is one of the best fat burner that you can ever get your hands on if you were to go buy these international brands they cost you about 1500 2000 rupees and they last you for about a month most of them I can tell you 80 to 90% of fat burners will have gasoline in it so I would rather go and take it directly from the sauce which is caffeine itself why would I just dilute it but I’ll tell you some of the great benefits of caffeine things first thing when you wake up in the morning you know I I really don’t know if some of your coffee drinkers or not if you’re not a coffee drinker guys and you are feeling that you need to lose weight I’m telling you start loving coffee because it’s really really effective yes going back when you wake up if you have a of coffee when I say a cup of coffee you don’t have to add milk or anything just have plain black coffee with some sugar free or some sweetness now if somebody if some people will say sweeteners should we have a there’s a cancer-causing substances together different school of thoughts that I’ll do a different video on it but yes I do use sugar free at times once in a while because I need to have my I need to feed my sweet tooth and that Dex takes care of it so have that first thing upon waking up it also works to be one of the most effective effective pre-workout guys you don’t have to invest in a pre-workout if you ask me right from any pre worker because pre workouts would also cause stupor 2500 add up your fat burner plus 2,000 you’re looking at somewhere between 4,500 to 5,000 rupees that to for something which does not produce the results we would want it to be trust me I’ve seen caffeine is going to change the game but from things that you can expect from a fat burner you can probably expect the same from caffeine – so pre-workout he can have it now how would it help you in your pre-workout that it’s a stimulant stimulant means that you know once you start training it will give you that rush which made it will help you with your concentration it will help you you know it will actually have give you that sustained energy you know and if you can have it along with your carbs before pre-workout boom the absorption is going to be even even more effective so I would actually tell you you have your carb meal before your workout along with that have some caffeine but it’s a deadly combination guys tried and tested you gotta love it you know now comes post training now post training also caffeine can be of help to you because that’ll help you with recovery I’ll tell you my experience with it and I also tell you some of the experiences people have had with it what happens is it when you obviously train heavy there is this level of soreness that actually kind of hit you now some people recover faster some people don’t I have added caffeine into my post-workout meal which means my cup meal which is obviously I take with my caffeine pre and post it has actually helped me with the my what do I say so unless so actually it’s a good thing so I would also ask you I would also request you try it out for about a week or so and you will see the difference you know it would really really add value to your post-workout meal – now come some other benefits of this now you can obviously you know if you’re not one of those gym goers you don’t want to go to the gym at all or you always want to have a walk around or do some physical activity or the other the best thing for you to do is you know take it after your meals now caffeine can also help you with your digestion now most of the problems have also shared with you starts with your stomach and you know caffeine can help you with your digestion because sometimes you feel that bloatedness sometimes you feel that you’ve eaten too much but you actually have not caffeine can actually stabilize things for you I can go on on about caffeine dines button let me tell you something you don’t have to waste too much money on your fat burners you don’t have to waste too much money on your pre-workout because they pretty much the same they don’t do they don’t do anything in Weston probably uh probably a cattle pounder you know it’ll only cost you coffee powder only cost you about two hundred three hundred rupees it can last you for about two three four weeks up to you how you use it money saved is always money earned so guys I hope this information comes in handy to anyone if you have any questions around this yes you can reach out to me on instagram youtube facebook but i would urge you you know you go to thermal fitness comm slash discussions and put up your question there you know because i’m i’ve kind of put up one platform for you to answer all your queries so until we meet again peace