October 25, 2021

New Year Party-Best Alcohol Options For Weight Watchers

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New Year Party-Best Alcohol Options For Weight Watchers

OMG! What is happening to IWB? Why have these people started talking about alcohol of late? If this is what you are thinking right now then I have a few more questions for you.

Are you going to ring in the new year partying hard?Are you planning on some alcohol or alcohol based drinks?Are you on a weight loss journey?Finally, are you worried about your calorie intake on new years party?If your answers are in positive then please read on, this post is meant for you.

We at IWB intend guiding you and mentoring you all for aiming good health. Some time back we had posted a review of McDowell’s No.1 Diet Mate whisky, not with an intention to make the sobers start drinking, but to help you find out the pros and cons of what you are consuming and suggesting some ways to enjoy whatever you are taking in.

Is it all about calories and carbohydrates?

Alcohol for the calorie conscious
We keep reading about red wine that it is okay, rather healthy to have a glass of Red wine daily. If you too follow this advice and make it a point to consume a glass of wine daily without fail because it is good for your heart, I have some information for you.

If we consider the actual calories in a glass of red wine, which is no lesser than 6-8 ounces so that one glass of wine contains about 110 calories. Now one good thing is there for all those who are cautious about Carb intake that there are very few carbohydrates in the wine, just around 5 grams in a glass (though if you are on a Ketogenic Diet then you are in trouble dear.) Anyhow, my point is something else. When wine is made from grapes, the fruit sugars are converted into alcohol. Now that simply means that a shot of tequila is equal to a whole glass of wine, so that gives you an advantage over tequila. So now what! Are you deciding to have that glass of wine on new years? But here is something else that is important to understand. Do you understand that alcohol itself contains about seven calories for each gram? Now if are in a mood to calculate, do it. Result in brief is that alcohol calories make it double in calories than carbohydrates. And what nutrition do these calories bring into your life? None. Wine might give you some benefit from he grapes present in it but drinking a big glass of red wine daily will mean consuming over 1000 extra empty calories per week. Now the result you don’t have to guess, a fat gain of many pounds on a yearly basis.

The calories that come into play in alcohols is through caramel in it. Sugar is a killer and we have already discussed a lot about the harm effects of sugar on IWB (Read here) Now please do not come to the conclusion and say that you would never ever drink because that is simply impossible. Today it always pays to be a social drinker and is normal for everyone to drink alcohol once in a while. So thinking practically here are a few tips for your new years party but before that take a peek at the calorie content of different types of alcohol.

lcohols and their calories

alcohol for health conscious

Whiskey (1 fl oz)

Calories: 70Carbs: 0 gramsFat: 0 gramsProtein: 0 grams

Champagne (4.2 ounce glass)

Calories: 95Carbs: 1.6 gramsFat: 0 gramsProtein: 0.3 grams

Red or White Wine (4.2 ounce glass)

Calories: 80Carbs: 1.5 gramFat: 0 gramsProtein: 0 grams

VODKA (1 fl oz)

Calories: 64Carbs: 0 gramsFat: 0 gramsProtein: 0 grams

Rum (1 fl oz)

Calories: 64Carbs: 0 gramsFat: 0 gramsProtein: 0 grams

Beer (1 can)

Calories: 134Carbs: 13 gramsFat: 0 gramsProtein: 1.6 grams

Light Beer (12 ounce bottle)

Calories: 110Carbs: 4.5 gramsFat: 0 gramsProtein: 0 grams

Gin (1 fl oz)

Calories: 73Carbs: 0 gramsFat: 0 gramsProtein: 0 grams

Tips for enjoying a drink


After going through the basics of calories and carbs in common alcohols, you can easily choose your poison. If you are not a regular drinker then there is no harm in trying a bit of alcohol in new years party but before that read a few important tips here.

Moderation and dilution are the keysDilute alcohol with diet soda. Though we don’t recommend artificial sweeteners yet that is the only way to reduce overall caloric intake. Stay in moderation.

Beat the cold with iceUse lots and lots of ice. It will help you drink less in more time and help dilute your drink. Moreover, it will make your drink look extra big without adding extra calories.

Choose healthIf you have an option to choose between fruit juice and soda in a cocktail, it would be better to choose fruit juice, though that will increase calories and carbs.

Be careful about snacks

It is always better to avoid salty snacks. They’ll make you want to drink more. Best snack is roasted peanuts and grills.

Learn to savor drinks

When in the bar remember you are there to enjoy the drink or a company of a particular person. So try to drink slowly to enjoy the moments. Savoring a drink will reduce overconsumption.

New Year Party-Best Alcohol Options For Weight Watchers

Choose the costliest drinkI feel this is the best way to avoid overconsumption of liquor. Pick the costliest of the drinks and sip it as slowly as possible. That way you will enjoy the top of the shelf drink and stay under control too.

Balance with waterDrink as much water as possible.  Ideal is to have two drinks of water for every one drink of alcohol.

So dear ones, get ready to enjoy your new years eve party, armed with all the details and I bet your new year bash will never go wrong.

Which Alcohol for the calorie-conscious are you going to choose for this new year party?

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